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Graduate's Words for Program 2019

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Dear Graduate,

Each person who attends your HERI graduation will receive a graduation program. This program is a small booklet containing a photo of each graduate, as well as a short paragraph of introduction by each graduate. Every member of HERI will receive a digital copy of the HERI Forum which will include the same information. This information is written by none other than YOU, the graduate.

This is your chance to say thank you to those individuals who have helped you get this far, be they parents, teachers, or friends. Share your favorite Bible verse, plans for the future (short and long-term plans), and whatever else you’d like to add, in 60 words or less. HERI reserves the right to edit for length, continuity, and/or grammatical correctness.

You must submit a paragraph of 60 words or less that includes the following information:

  • plans after graduation
  • life goals
  • individuals to thank
  • favorite scripture or quote
  • memorable homeschool experience, etc.

This is not a form to fill out, it is more of a very short essay. Be creative and leave your mark!

Sample program entries from past years give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

After graduation, I will be going to school in Tampa to pursue higher education. cal enrollment has allowed me to enter college this fall with 30 credits. I would like to thank my family, church family, piano teacher, and God for helping me through the years. It’s been fun, but it’s not over: A new adventure is just beginning!

I am attending Stetson University. I took advantage of homeschooling and cannot tell you a memorable experience because I slept most of the time. I want to thank my mom for making my schedules and being there when I frowned out before a test, my brothers for preparing me for noisy dorm life, and my dad for helping me even when I threatened to burn my math books.

Some people are haunted by negative memories of high school. Well, I’m delighted to announce that I won’t be one of them. Those four years of my life were fantastic! And it’s all thanks to my parents, teachers, friends and boyfriend. You all made it such a wonderful experience. Thank you!

I would like to first thank God for all the blessings in my life. Without Him, I would not be where I am today. I am thankful for my amazing family and friends who have supported me throughout the years, especially my mom and dad for their great dedication to my education. I plan to complete my A.A. degree at FSCJ and then pursue a degree in orthodontics.