We are more than just a support group...

Sunrise through trees Two adults and a child stroll on a grassy hilltop under a sunny yet cloudy sky. Partial view of a spiral calendar on the left, purple background on the right. Open book atop a stack of books in a library. Family flies a kite on a sunny day while running on a grassy field. Child looks through a magnifying glass at a plant.

Contact Information

Name Phone Email Address
President and Events: Melissa president@arundelhomeschoolers.com
Vice President: Kamika vicepresident@arundelhomeschoolers.com
Treasurer: Candice treasurer@arundelhomeschoolers.com
Secretary: Krystal secretary@arundelhomeschoolers.com
Elementary and Holidays: Missy MissyElementaryevents@gmail.com
Picnics, Learning Challenges, and Learning Differences: Diana dianaprzy83@gmail.com
Robotics and Teens: Jessica jessiegorman@gmail.com
Robotics, Fundraising, and Social Media: Leslie lajrwilson@gmail.com