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Enrollment & class registration for 2019-2020 school year is open April 22-August 31!


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To enroll:  read all instructions below, fill out the form below the instructions and click Continue.

Please note that REACH Enrollment is a separate process from Class Registration.  Enrollment must be completed first in order to log in to the website to register for classes.  Enrollment takes place online and is complete when paperwork & membership fee/student is received & approved.  THEN you can log in to the website and register for classes.  Class registration also takes place online and is complete when class fees are received.

REACH Online Enrollment for NEW members

**you may want to print this page before proceeding**

Before applying:

  1. Read the REACH Handbook
  2. Read the Statement of Faith (included in Handbook)
  3. Read the Expectations (included in Handbook)

By Enrolling, you are stating that you have read and agree to all of the above.

Steps in the New Member enrollment process (ALL steps required):

  1. Print and complete the Medical Release Form.
  2. Print and sign the Student Expectations & Statement of Faith (found under "Registration Forms").  The Student Expectations should be signed by parent(s) as well as each student.
  3. Complete the REACH Online Enrollment form which follows on this page below instructions.
  4. Mail in the completed Medical Release Form, Statement of Faith, & Expectations, along with your payment, to the address below.
  5. The website admin will consider your enrollment approval once payment and paperwork have been received. Upon approval you will have full access to the website and can register for classes.

Registration and tuition fees for 2019-2020:

The standard enrollment fee per student for the full year is $20 through June, with a late fee of an additional $10 for each month after June (i.e. $30 in July, $40 in August). We will offer an early bird discount of $5 off if you register before May 15! So…

  • $15   April – May 15
  • $20   May 16 – June
  • $30   July
  • $40   August

The following rates apply if you want to commit to only one semester at a time:

  • $10    April – May 15 (for 1st semester)       or October (for 2nd semester)
  • $15    May 16 – June (for 1st semester)      or November (for 2nd semester)
  • $25    July (for 1st semester)                       or December (for 2nd semester) 
  • $35    August (for 1st semester)                  or January 1-10 (for 2nd semester)

Please calculate your enrollment fee from the date you are mailing payment, NOT the date you fill out the online enrollment form.

Payment may be made in cash or checks/money order made payable to REACH.  

Mail form and payment to: Rachel Meyer, N5938 Halle Ave., Neillsville, WI   54456

Enrollment fees are the material evidence of your commitment to REACH. 

NO REFUNDS will be issued for enrollment once payment has been received.

Online Enrollment Instructions:

Keep a record of your User Name and Password.   

The following is necessary for either communication or administrative purposes:

  • Include all attending children’s info, including birthdates.  If you have children who are not attending REACH, we do not need their names or information.  NOTE:  There is a blue Add Another link at the bottom of the Child box to add additional children/students.  All children's info is hideable from the other families, but needed for class registration.  To hide it simply uncheck the box next to "show children info to other families". 
  • Weekly Email Update:  YES.  Will email you changes/additions made on website that week.
  • Privacy:  Include Family Info In Online Directory - YES.  This directory is only visible to Co-op members.
  • Forum Emails:  Choose your preferences.  You can always change preferences under Edit My Profile in the top top navigation bar.
  • Classifieds:  NO.  We are not currently using this tool.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of this amazing homeschool community! We appreciate your willingness to commit and contribute your time and talents for the good of the co-op!

If you have previously been a part of REACH, do not fill out the following form.  Please contact Rachel Meyer via email to have your profile reactivated.  Then you can log into your account and follow the membership renewal process.  Thank you!

The REACH Leadership Team




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