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Our Theme for the 2018 Conference is

God's Truth, Beauty, and Goodness


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Check back each week to see what new speakers have been added.  We have lots of great talks in the works.


Este ano, vamos a ofrecer presentaciones en Espanol!

Que bendicion! 




Bonnie encourages parents and lifts them up.  Joy is her thing.  She helps families become what they want to be.  You will feel loved, supported and compelled to be awesome.  Find more time for joy with Bonnie as your tour guide.


A Well Ordered Life: Finding the Good, the True and the Beautiful Amidst the Laundry

What has laundry got to do with a rich homeschooling life? Order changes everything. In the laundry room, kitchen, activity choices and in our hearts...order helps our mood and our productivity. How do we "get order" when we are so busy raising children? It is valuable, freeing AND possible!


Families, Become What You Are...Intimate Communities of Life and Love

Parents are primarily concerned with what kind of people they will raise. People of integrity, faith, honesty, empathy, diligence. Busyness, chaos and distractions can cause us to lose sight of the big picture. Learn to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that create discord and disorder, actively change clutter and chaos (emotional, spiritual and temporal) into a more joyful, ordered environment.


Without Carrots or Stick:  Securing Cooperation Without Sacrificing Kindness


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Sara Alexander, MA  has a master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Houston Baptist University and her undergraduate degrees in psychology and theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville. She works as a counselor with Gratia Plena seeing individuals, couples, and adolescents.  Her husband is the president of ADORE ministries and they are expecting their 5th child in December. 

Nurtured Heart Approach 

An introduction to bringing peace into your household and growing the individual greatnesses of your children: The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a high effective, relationship-focused methodology founded strategically for helping children (and adults) build their Inner Wealth and use their intensity in successful ways. This approach gives you  practical tools in treating and improving cognitive and behavioral issues, as well as helping all types of children to be the best version of themselves.  It has become a powerful way of awakening the inherent greatness in all children while facilitating parenting and classroom success.

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Diane Aquila, THSC 2017 Leader of the Year

Diane Aquila is married to Dominic Aquila. They have 11 living children and 2 in heaven. Diane holds a Bachelor degree in Social Science. Before having children Diane helped her sister start a Catholic daycare center in Rochester, NY. She also worked with runaways from 9-21 years of age.  Diane and Dominic have homeschooled for 30 years in 5 different states. Diane with another woman formed the first Catholic homeschool group in upstate NY. She wrote the homeschool newsletter, for several years in Steubenville, Ohio.

Diane now runs a tutorial with 70 students at UST.  She has spoken at Rice University on homeschooling 2 years in a row as part of a school choice program. She mentors new homeschoolers and fields questions about homeschooling. Diane co-authored an article on hospitality and Mother Cabrini with her husband and co-authored an introduction to a section in a new book on JPII Speaks on Woman.

Diane loves to cook, go to concerts, bike, and be with her family.


Diane will be leading an interactive dialogue with veteran and new homeschool moms.



Dr. Dominic Aquila

Dr. Aquila has over thirty-two years of experience in public and private higher education teaching and administration. Among the institutions he has served are The Rochester Institute of Technology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Empire State College of the State University of New York, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ave Maria College and the University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, Indiana).

Dr. Aquila took his Bachelors Degree in Music from The Juilliard School, the MBA from New York University, and his Doctorate in History from the University of Rochester and the University of South Africa. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University in Higher Education Administration.

The Good, The True and the Beautiful: Appreciating, Understanding, and Learning Them 



David N. Calvillo of Real Men Pray the Rosary

David N. Calvillo is married to Valerie Calvillo and together they are raising their 8 beautiful children in their home in South Texas. David was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas and has always been active in the community, including current service as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 598 in Houston, Texas and prior service as President of the Boys & Girls Club of McAllen. He is a Sir Knight of the Knights of Columbus and has served his home parishes as a member of the Pastoral Council, Finance Council Chair, as a Eucharistic Minister, and Lector. David is an ACTS retreat brother in Christ and has served as a co-director, Spiritual Companion, and team member for several ACTS retreats and ACTS prison retreats, and is a former Co-Director of the Diocesan ACTS Chapter Group. 

He is an Attorney-CPA and practices as a board certified civil trial lawyer, arbitrator, bilingual mediator, and Receiver in South Texas.  He has made numerous apperances on several EWTN programs, including “Women of Grace” with Johnnette Benkovic, “Life on the Rock” with Fr. Mark May and Doug Barry, “Bookmark”  with Doug Keck, and “Nuestra Fe En Vivo con Pepe Alonso.” David has also been interviewed on numerous radio programs, including on EWTN’s Register Radio, RadioMaria, and Relevant Radio. Numerous groups from Boston to Ohio to Houston have invited him to share his journey to Jesus through Mary at men’s conferences, ministry conferences, and dinner gatherings. Totus Tuus.

Joseph Carpenter:  Home School Dad


Crystal Campbell
A Practical Parenting Workshop
Equipo Educa en Casa

Luchas comunes y cómo vencerlas

Ejemplos vivenciales y diferentes currículos 


Zulecnis y Carlos Gutiérrez
Are consecrated layman of the Franciscanos de María. They are originally from Venezuela. Have been married through the Church for 24 years. Have 4 children and 3 of them are blessed to have been home-schooled for the last 4 years. They serve at Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church in different ministries.
Laicos Consagrados Franciscanos de María. Venezolanos. Casados por la Iglesia católica durante 24 años. Con 4 hijos de los cuales 3 disfrutan de la Gran Bendición de ser educados en casa desde hace 4 años. Actualmente sirven en a la Parroquia San Ignacio de Loyola en diferentes ministerios.
La Santísima Virgen María, modelo y canal de gracias para la educación en casa



Charleen Katra    with Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Ministry with Persons with Disabilities 

Charleen Katra is an Associate Director in the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. For nineteen years her responsibilities have included Ministry with Persons with Disabilities, Early Childhood and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Charleen speaks frequently at national, state and local events on successful strategies and best practices for the inclusion of diverse learners: from faith formation and sacramental preparation to liturgies and parish life! She believes that hospitality and evangelization are the foundations of this ministry which underscore Catholic social teaching regarding the dignity of the person. Charleen currently serves on the National Catholic Partnership on Disability's Board; is a national religion consultant and writer for Wm. H. Sadlier, Inc.; and is co-authoring a book on inclusion strategies. Charleen has a Bachelors in Special/Elementary Education and a Masters in Pastoral Studies.


Include Us! It’s easier than you think!

How successfully are children and youth with learning differences being homeschooled today? As believers, we are called to live according to God's ways and to do what pleases God. Including individuals with disabilities and ensuring that their gifts are nurtured and appreciated pleases God. Together we will focus on practical tips and tools to make the homeschool experience more effective and enjoyable for all learners. Come gain knowledge and confidence to successfully carry out the will of God in your homeschool setting!


Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer serves as Executive Director of the Guadalupe Radio Network’s Catholic Radio station in north Texas, KATH 910 AM, and is one of the hosts of the radio program, GRN Alive, which airs across the Guadalupe Radio Network as well as The Good News Show and The KATH 910 AM Interview of the Week, both of which air on KATH 910 AM in north Texas.  He’s also the author of St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone: 30 Quick and Fun Lessons, Activities and Outdoor Adventures Based on the Summa Theologica. Dave and his wife, Paula, are parents to three young children. Dave has a Master’s degree in Theology from the University of Dallas. The family worships at St. Mary the Virgin parish in Arlington, TX.   

'How You Can and Why You Should Teach Your Homeschool Children Thomistic Philosophy’

He’s the Doctor of the Doctors, the Angelic Doctor and the Patron Saint of All Catholic school education. But most of us feel very intimidated teaching the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas to our children. Dave Palmer has a passion for making the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas’ masterpiece, The Summa Theologica, simple enough that they can be taught to students of any age. This talk will focus on not only how you can teach your kids The Summa but why it’s absolutely necessary that it be a part of your homeschooling curriculum.


Chris and Beverly Parrish, THSC

Chris Parrish served on the THSC board of directors for 10 years, and currently serves on THSC’s Advisory Board.

Beverly Parrish hosted Smoothing the Way meetings for new homeschooling moms for eight years. She continues to support homeschooling families by offering tutoring, and through her company Learn Your Way and the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. Beverly speaks on a variety of topics at THSC Conventions and other homeschool conferences.

Chris and Beverly began homeschooling their seven children in 1990. Three of their sons are grown and married, and they have two granddaughters. Chris and Beverly served in leadership positions in CHEACT while living in Austin, and later in Houston they hosted informational library meetings for new homeschoolers. Chris and Beverly love to encourage families in this great adventure of homeschooling!

Homeschooling and the Law - What Every Texas Homeschooler Needs to Know

THSC explains the laws concerning homeschooling in Texas.  THSC will relate ways that homeschool families can avoid problems with school authorities and feel prepared if a truant officer or a social worker knocked on your door.  We will share some legislative victories and challenges for homeschool families. This informative event will give you the tools to keep your family free to homeschool in Texas!


Claudio y Sasha Ramírez

Claudio Ramirez was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela and come to the U.S. when he was 21 years old. He studied Business Administration in West Virginia University and obtained a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Miami. He currently works as director of marketing for Latin America at a cable TV station.
Sasha Ramirez was born in Caracas, Venezuela and came to the U.S. when she was 18 years old. She studied International Finance and Marketing and the University of Miami. They have been homeschooling their 5 children since 2010. They started Divina Pastora de las Almas, Educa en Casa to help committed Hispanic catholic families to homeschool their children.

¿Qué nos dicen la Santa Madre Iglesia y los Santos sobre la educación en casa?

Fallas del sistema educativo actual y ¿Cómo comenzar éste camino de santidad? Mitos y realidades. 


Teresa Ramirez

Was born in Birmingham, Alabama and is currently homeschooled. She is a senior in High School and fluent in Spanish. She has been studying the flaws and problems of the current education system since last year. It is a topic that she is passionate about and would like to present it in Spanish from the perspective of a homeschooled student.

Fallas del sistema educativo actual y ¿Cómo comenzar éste camino de santidad? Mitos y realidades. 


Orlando Ramirez y Maria T. Alegrett


Married for 15 years, María Teresa and Orlando have 3 children, a preschooler, an elementary student and a middle schooler. Both are Venezuelan lawyers that since 2014 decided they wanted to spend more time with their children to know them better and growing in the path to sanctity through the natural ways they live their faith and through the ordinary duties at home. After 10 years working at HISD as Bilingual EC-4 Teacher, Maria decided to dedicate herself to the path of educating her children at home. She had previously worked in counseling young girls through the Regnum Christi’s Challenge Youth Ministry program and currently prepares parishioners for the Consecration through Mary and leads as well a weekly formation program for young boys on the formation of the catholic faith. Orlando supports Maria in all aspects of the homeschooling life; he actively participated in forming boys through the Regnum Christi’s Conquest Youth Ministry program. He supports Maria on the extra curriculum activities for his sons once he returns from work every day where he works as Senior Legal Counsel. While in Houston, Maria did postgraduate studies in business administration at the University of St. Thomas and got certified as Texas EC-4 Bilingual Teacher, while Orlando did a Master of Laws from the University of Houston. Both always try to take the best of their academic, cultural and job related experience backgrounds to educate their children using a very practical approach.

Educación católica en casa: ¿Cómo comenzar y en éste camino de santidad?


Jose y Alejandra Romo


Were born in Mexico City, have been married for 6 years and have three children. They are missionaries of the Franciscanos de María and belong to Sacred Heart Parish in Conroe. They are actually Instructors of the Billings Method and Natural Family Planning as suggested by the Catholic Church.
They have been homeschooling their children for 3 years now and are very thankful to God for His guide through the hands of Mary.
Originarios de Ciudad de México, Casados por seis años y padres de tres. Misioneros del agradecimiento con los Franciscanos de María y pertenecientes a la parroquia Sagrado Corazón en Conroe.
Actualmente Instructores del Método de la Ovulación, Billings, que es un Método de Planificación Familiar Natural conforme a la moral Católica.
Educadores de sus hijos en casa, siendo este su tercer año y agradecidos con Dios por las verdades reveladas que, junto a la Fé y de la mano de la Virgen María, les han trazado El camino. (Juan 8:32)

Al cumplir con los fines del matrimonio se abren los canales de las gracias santificantes


Samuel Sentmanat

Samuel Sentmanat began studying the violin at age ten with Houston Symphony violinist Michaela Oancea-Frusina. Later he worked with Dr. Joseph Cease, a career Hollywood studio musician and retired professor of musicology from the University of California at Berkley. He has directed groups such as the William Byrd string program and Chamber Singers with Mr. Lawrence, (see below). Mr. Sentmanat specializes in Baroque and Renaissance music and in addition to his work on strings, has a passion for sacred music and maintains choral groups. 


Beauty Exposed:  A Reason to Hear