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How much does it cost to participate in the co-op and what does it include?


While there are no fees paid to teachers for teaching the classes, there will be supply fees to cover teaching supplies. 

The supply fees for the 2018-2019 school year are $200 per student. 

In addition to supply fees, there will be a yearly fee per family of $150 to cover facility and admin costs.

How do we share the burden?

• Each parent/guardian will either teach and/or aid in all but 1 class block to allow the costs to be kept to a minimum. Our teachers are the parents of the students and are all volunteering their time and sharing their gifts with others again allowing the costs to remain low.

• You must be willing to teach at least 2 classes and help in other classes to participate in co-op, as well as assist in set-up, clean-up and participate in a recess rotation.  We will try to place you in requested area, but cannot guarantee it.

Included in the supply fee are:

    7 classes each week for 30 weeks 

  • 7 classes that range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Supplies (classroom, teacher, and science labs)
  • Excellent teachers (moms) chosen to teach classes they are best gifted in and quality programming
  • Weekly structure planned out for you
  • Quality curriculum chosen to make decision-making easier and to unify the community
  • Access to training and mentoring via members-only website and community meetings


Curriculum is not included. Parents are responsible for purchasing any curriculum needed or recommended by the program.

At CFA, we aim to structure our program so that families are working at the same pace, studying the same topics and subjects, sometimes from the same resources. Our Educational Team selects the curriculum to be used in each subject based on the same choosy, discriminating factors that you look for: biblical worldview, affordability, consumable vs. non-consumable, learning styles, age appropriateness, and much, much more.

After enrolling in the program, families are given a list of texts and literature which will be used for each age group for the year. Besides required texts, optional and highly recommended materials may also listed. By sending this list out early enough, parents have plenty of time to either buy or borrow the materials being used.


Can I only take one or a few classes?


Unfortunately no.  Courageous Faith Academy is meant to be a full-curriculum co-op.  We rely on the parents as teachers and helpers in the classroom and desire our children to have a full class of kids to socialize with and learn along side of.  While we understand some would desire to take only a few courses, we have so many within our co-op that will tell you how much they love all the classes we offer, the level of committment each parent puts into teaching them and how well rounded their children are because of all they are able to learn.  One of the greatest advantages of this co-op is the accountability to stay on tasks in all your subjects, not just a few!


What if my beliefs don't match with the Statement of Faith?


Courageous Faith Academy is a cooperative founded on Christian principles.  While you don't have to agree with the Statement of Faith, parents and students alike must agree not to teach or attempt to influence another person on anything that is contrary to Judeo-Christian (biblical) values, beliefs and behavior as stated in the Courageous Faith Academy Statement of Faith during the co-op.  Should you have any question about a concept you might present in a class, please discuss your lesson plans with the Director.


What is the dress code?


Clothing for Students and Adults

·         Student dress code: Navy, white or baby blue collared shirt (may be monogramed with the approved logo) with at least finger-tip length or below navy or khaki bottoms.  Girls may also have the option of wearing a navy plaid skirt (Skirt is from Lands’ End.  Item no. 473437-BPX).

·         Children’s shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for play. No heelies allowed.

·         Hats may NOT be worn during co-op hours.

·         Children will have their name tags on to be visible during co-op hours.

·         Clothing should be modest, adequately covering all private body parts including the midriff.

·         No undergarments should be visible either through the clothing or when stretching, reaching, or bending.

·         Shorts and skirts should not be shorter than the finger tips when the arms are at rest. (Finger-tip rule.)

·         Clothing and other paraphernalia will not include emblems or writing that are directly or implicitly lewd, offensive, vulgar, obscene, or promote ideas and/or groups that violate CFA's statement of faith.


What curriculum do you use?


In short, it's a mixed!  Once you register and pay for classes, you will recieve a supply list detailing all the books needed for each class.

The curriculum varies for each class and is a combination of books that can be purchased via most Homeschool websites along with spirals that are created by the co-op (the spirals are included in your supply fees.) 

Here is a high-level overview by subject:

Bible: Christian Liberty Press

Math: Curriculum created by Lori Stinebaugh (included in supply fee) along with Abeka, Kumon or Spectrum for the lower level Math classes, McDougal for Geometry

Science: Apologia

Spelling/Grammar/Vocab: All About Spelling, Bob Jones Writing & Grammar, Wordly Wise and a few others

Writing: Evan Moore for younger ages, Bob Jones Writing & Grammar, IEW for older ages

Literature: All About Reading for younger ages, a mixture of Classics and History-based literature for older ages

History: Story of the World for younger ages, Notgrass for Jr High and above

Spanish: Spanish for Children, McGraw Hill (depends on level)


What is the Registration Process?


We are so excited you have an interest in our Co-op!  We ask that you now do the following:

1.  Find out more about us.  Read our Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and About Us section here on the home page of our website.  Also read through all the FAQs.  We are hoping these will answer a myriad of questions.

2. Request Membership here on the Forum.  You will be contacted via phone to schedule an interview and tour the classes (if we are in session), .
3. Once you have decided you would like to join CFA, your family will be interviewed to ensure they are a good fit with the co-op and children will take placement tests to ensure they are placed in proper classes.  Any family may be denied ability to join group.
4. Once approved, you will register for classes here on this site, sign a few forms and lastly pay supply and family fees.  


Are grades given in the co-op?


Quizes, mid-terms and finals may be given in classes, and those grades will be shared with the parents.  No final class grades or transcripts will be given to students/parents.  Parents are responsible for tracking and determining final class grades and keeping any documentation related to them.


Are the 30, weekly classes madatory?


Yes, the classes are mandatory.  We keep these 30 days of the year a priority for the benefit of our children's education. 

While we understand we are all homeschoolers and like flexibility, meeting only once a week still allows us to school when and where we desire the remainder of the week. 

Since each parent teaches various classes, both the students and other parents rely on the teacher to adequately prep and teach the classes they are assigned.  Another mom filling in last minute doesn't give the student the same quality of teaching that a person who had time to prep would. 


How do you know which classes to sign your children up for?


All new students will be assessed in Math and Reading to help determine where your child best fits in the co-op.  From there, we can show you which classes are available to choose from. 

Upon successful completion of classes, students will naturally move to the next level the following year.