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Membership form

Membership Form: Please fill out the online form.  You have the opportunity to pay online or mail a check payment to:  

RAHS, PO Box 85284, Racine WI, 53408

Soon after notification is received of a paid membership, you will be contacted via phone call by one of our board members to verify and complete membership application.

Membership form

Definition of a homeschooler: Homeschoolers are defined in a specific way in our group. Please take a moment to understand our definition of a homeschooler. Homeschooling can begin as early as 3yrs old. Only homeschoolers defined by RAHS may gain membership.


Statement of Faith: If you have not recently read the Statement of Faith, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with RAHS' beliefs. RAHS is an unabashed Christian organization. If not in full agreement it does not prevent membership but does preclude leadership roles. Members must agree to the following statement for participation in the group: "I understand RAHS and its activities are based on the Statement of Faith and Purpose which I have reviewed, and I agree not to hinder that."

statement of faith

Enrichment: RAHS has enrichment classes taught by mothers and outside experts to meet the unique needs of homeschoolers that are not easily met in the home. Examples of classes provided in the past are: Choir, gym, science labs, reading clubs, experiments, apologetics, bible, drama, speech and debate, yearbook, art, music, robotics, flight, poetry, math labs and many others too numerous to mention. These classes vary year to year based on interest of teachers and students.