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New to Homeschooling?
Here are Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) answers to common questions that new homeschooling families ask. If you do not find your answer here, check out the other AFHE FAQ link or just email HEY at HEYNews@outlook.com.
Have you heard of HSLDA?
Frequently asked questions about the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Frequently asked questions answered by Arizona Families for Home Education
Scriptures to Pray for your Husband
Remember to pray for your Homeschool Dad.
2017-2018 By-Laws
Resources for Fathers
Resources for Dad
Books, audio recordings, articles, etc.
National At-Home Dad Network
Support group for Stay-At-Home fathers
Classical Conversations Dad
An article, The "Secret" of the Homeschooling Father
Special Needs
Struggling Learners
Recommended resources from AFHE/HSLDA
Gifted Learners
Recommended resources from HSLDA