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Getting Started Plan

Planning Checklist:

q Select your website layout from our assortment of professional layouts.

q Determine how you would like to present your group to the public. What photos/text would you like to use? Click HERE for our Sample Website or click HERE to see public home pages of other groups. (This page will display a map. Click a state on the map. A list of homeschooling groups will appear on the right. Click on a group name to see their home page.)

Following are some suggestions of what to include on your public home page:

m About Us – a concise description of your group’s vision and purpose

m Activities/classes – a general outline of what your group offers

m Contact us – group address and phone (may be added in the footer)

m Cost – membership fees, cost to participate in classes or activities

m Join us – how to join the group

q Determine what information should be on your secure member home page. The public and private home pages can be the same or they can be customized individually. Both use widgets for designing. Widgets bridge the gap between keeping it simple and allowing customization. Following are the widget options for your home pages:

m Business Directory

m Login

m Calendar

m Links

m Classifieds

m My Class Registration

m Contact Us

m My Event Signups

m Editor

m Photo Gallery

m Facebook Page (must be public)

m Publications/Articles

m Forum

m Text-Image

m Google Maps

m YouTube

m HTML code


q Determine whether to import your members or have each member register.

q Determine categories for your calendar events.

q Add at least two months of activities on your calendar. Indicate scheduled days off and holidays. Include sign-up activities, such as field trips.

q Determine categories for your forum communications.

q Edit your group profile to make sure the information is correct.

q Edit the contact information to reflect your current group leadership.

q Review the registration process and customize it to fit your needs.

q Convert forms to digital, such as electronic iForms

q Set up class registration (optional)

m Design a class matrix (organize classes into columns and rows)

m Add Instructors

m Input classes

q Set up accounting

m Determine Fiscal Year

m Enter PayPal ID

m Customize Categories (optional)

q Need help?

m Create a Ticket – Request time with a Homeschool-Life.com Trainer

m Are there others in your group who would like to help administer the site? Create Additional Administrators and give them authority to only those areas where you want them to work.


Click here to download the Planning Checklist in .pdf format: