We will begin taking donations for our new resource library mid-March. Do you have items you'd like to donate? Due to inclement weather, our first week of classes has been delayed. We begin on March 5. We will add an extra day to the end of the semester and push Track and Field day back a week to make up for cancelling classes Feb 26 Spring Semester Classes will meet March 5-May 14 During Spring Semester, we will take the first week off in April for Spring Break Track and Field Day will be May 21

Kinder Enrichment

1st-4th Grade

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Parent Volunteering

Spring Semester Dates


How to Join Co-op

If you would like more information about our program, see our "Contact Info" on the left menu bar.

If you don't have any questions or have already talked with the Director and would like to join Co-op, here are the steps:

  1. Request Membership on This Website: You will need to have an account on this website in order to login and register for classes. Usually there is a pop-up on your screen that asks if you would like to request membership, but if there is no pop-up, you can request membership by clicking on the arrow button in the top right of the screen. 
    --Make sure you have about 10 minutes available to complete the membership request because most of the paperwork we use for our Co-op forms (rosters, sign-in sheets, approved pick up people, emergency contacts, allergy and medical information, etc) will be asked here. 
  2. Wait for Website Membership Approval: The Director will be sent an email when you request membership. If you have not contacted her at all, she will probably contact you to see if you have any questions and to make sure you plan to enroll this Semester because our program pays an $8 fee for each family with an account on our website. If you have already contacted her, this approval should be quick.
  3. Login and Register for Classes: You will need to login to register for classes. When registration opens, you can click on the classes and a screen will pop down with your children's names. You check the box next to their names and click register. If you have trouble registering, there is a FAQ section in the left menu with answers to common registration questions.
  4. Attend the Mandatory In-Person Registration: This is where you will pay and complete any final paperwork.

All of the dates for our Semester are listed on the "Spring Semester Dates" tab on the far right under the header photo.