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Get free stuff for our show!

To help us shop on a budget, we'd like to tap into the thousands of quality items being offered for free each year to our community, simply for the pleasure of someone taking it off their hands. Sign up at Freecycle.org and scour the lists and/or receive weekly emails of free things being offered. Don't forget checking curbside giveaways! Sometimes there is great stuff being offered for free on the curb. The sooner we start looking, the more we can gather in time for the show!

We are seeking the following items for the show:

    • surplus fabrics and textiles to be used for costuming, drapes, backdrops, curtains, etc. (Hint: Last year, Belle sewed together giant Indian scarves from sarees to create beautiful backdrops for Midsummer Night's Dream.)
    • silk (a.k.a. fake) flower garlands or silk flowers in general
    • bedding sheets--especially king size--that can be painted on for a backdrop
    • sewing supplies
    • construction tools
    • wood planks, boards, plywood or pallets that we can use in construction for structures and decor
    • surplus hardware, like nails
    • feathers, ropes, tassels, to adorn clothes
    • giant costume jewelry that will show up on stage
    • Renaissance caps (Google it for images)
    • vests
    • "puffy" shirst, poet shirts, pirate shirts
    • black boots ("pirate", jodphur, or riding style)
    • capes
    • swords or daggers (fake only!) of various sizes--especially if they have a fancy hilt and/or a sheath, especially older-style ones
    • a small vial--preferably colored plastic.
    • empty plastic or metal bottles and jars of various sizes, shapes, and colors (to be used for Apothecary's shoppe) - the more unusal or old-looking, the better! PLEASE NO SODA BOTTLES--they look too modern.
    • a giant cross to be hung as decoration
    • stained glass window replica (preferably not glass)
    • anything (props, clothes, decor) that looks like "Renaissance" (1400s - 1699 A.D.)
    • A small lightweight bed or reclining chaise lounge (for Juliet's bed where she drinks the sleeping potion)
    • metal cups (think Holy Grail-type) to be used at Capulet's festival
    • scroll with wooden dowels (like a Torah-scroll)
    • 2 cots or wooden frames to be used as funeral bier for Romeo & Juliet


You can also find quality items for less at garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, Craig's list, Goodwill Stores, Salvation Army, etc. Watch for great bargains/giveaways for any of the above items. We will reimburse you for these purchases.

To get reimbursed:

  1. Keep our phone number (786-664-8278) handy to send us a text photo of any great bargains you see so we can authorize you to purchase it on our behalf.
  2. Receive authorization from us that you can buy it.
    1. If you don't get our authorization, be sure you can return the item in case we don't need or want it. We can't reimburse you for unauthorized purchases.
  3. Purchase the item(s) and keep a receipt. THIS IS CRUCIAL! No receipt=no reimbursement.
    1. Even for garage sales, ask for a receipt--which can be a scrap of paper with the seller's name, the item purchased, the date, and price paid.
  4. Submit an invoice to us by the 15th of the month to get reimbursed during the first rehearsal of the following month. We write checks once a month at the beginning.
    1. Your invoice should include:
    • your name;
    • invoice date;
    • the total amount you need to be reimbursed;
    • a line item description of each purchase you made,
    • the date you made the purchase, and
    • the price you paid.
    • Please also include the original receipt from your purchase.