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Romeo and Juliet Performance + Bonuses on DVD or BluRay

The Cast of Unleashing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Buy a disc of the performance to keep the memories alive!

Come see this modern retelling of the Shakespeare classic. We combine the original classic Shakespearean text with current adaptations, modern relevancy, and contemporary media themes. Lush costumes, dramatic swordfighting, and surprises at each turn will delight all ages. You won't want to miss this version!

This disc will contain both a video of the performance AND a copy of the slideshow used each night prior to the performance. The slideshow has a dedicated slide for each actor, with the actor's bio and headshot; it also includes behind-the-scenes photos and explanation of the production.


DVDs are versatile and play in almost any device that accepts video discs, like computers, laptops, DVD players, BluRay players, Playstation, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.  (To play these in dedicated CD players, such as in cars, you will need to burn the disc into an audio-only format).


BluRay discs are high-capacity and thus allow us save the show with high quality audio and high definition video for a clearer picture and sound. These discs play in devices that have a specified BluRay drive, such as some computers, some laptops, all BluRay players, Playstation (v.3 and up), Xbox One, etc. 

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Show location: Talents Unleashed Studio