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First Class Clackamas Teens' Student & Parent Handbook with Terms of Agreements

First Class Clackamas Teens branched off of First Class Happy Valley Co-Op to purposefully serve homeschool teens ages 12-18 in 2011. As the FC Happy Valley Co-Op grew with children of all ages we saw a drop-off of teens and their isolation from other homeschool peers. First Class Clackamas Teens is an academic community just for homeschool teens. We offer classes on Mondays for 16 weeks per term including a student-led chapel, with monthly events and field trips. This program was birthed from seeing the need for teens to gain more academic instruction and social interaction with like peers in a program designed just for them while still being homeschooled.


Hillside Christian Fellowship - Damascus, 19070 SE Sunnyside Road, Damascus, Oregon 97089


FCCT is for junior high and senior high school age students age 12-18. Participating students must be 12 yrs. old by November 1st and 18 or under by the beginning of the term.

Class Sign Ups:

Classes are filled on a first-come first served basis. Fall term sign up begins mid-August and ends in the first week of September. Spring term sign up begins in the first week of January and ends in the third week of January.

After completing the Registration Process: 1). Go to our website and check out the classes offered, 2). Go to the “Class Schedules” navigation link and choose classes, 3). Pay the $60 registration fee, 4). Pay the tutors directly by first day of class, or as determined by tutor, 4) Late registrations are $65.

Schedule Overview:

Classes meet once-a-week on Mondays with 4 class periods from 9:00 AM – 3:10 PM. We offer two 16 week terms per year: Fall (Sept-Jan) and Spring (Jan-May). We offer core classes (science, math, English, social studies) for 7th/8th and 9th/12th, as well as, elective classes (art, finance, character, music, languages,computer, etc.) for all grades. Periods 1 & 2 are (1:30) long to accommodate core classes with Periods 3 & 4 (1:00) for electives.

Classes are broken down by grade by curriculum level and tutor planning. If you feel your child could participate in a class that is outside the listed grade range, please speak with the tutor of that class. Core classes will generally run both terms to complete the program year.

Fees and Tuition:

First Class Clackamas Teens Program charges a registration fee of $60 per family each term (fall and spring). This is due with your registration (no registration application will be processed without it). Class fee is paid directly to the tutor each term based on the payment schedule listed in the class catalogue. The class fee is listed in 2 ways by term and by month. The first is the total cost for the class for the term (i.e. $120). The second amount listed is the cost per month (i.e. $30). Since the term is 16 weeks it would equal 4 months (i.e. $30 x 4 months = $120). You may pay either way unless a tutor specifies otherwise.

Class Change Fees and Cancellations:

Please note that classes changed after the last day of class sign ups will incur a $10 administrative fee payable to FCCT. This fee will be added to your family account balance. There are no refunds for missed classes. Please pay the Tutors either in full at the beginning of the term, or in 4 payments on the first Monday of each Month. Once you sign up for a 16 week term, it is expected that you will complete that term and are responsible for the class fees of that term. If an emergency arises and you will not be able to complete the term, please let FCCT and the tutor know as soon as possible. A tuition fee reduction may be possible.

Cell Phone Usage:

Cell phone usage and texting are not permitted during class hours or Chapel time. There are contact numbers listed on the website in case you need to reach your child. Cell phones will be taking during these times, if they become a distration to your student or other students.

Events & Field Trips:

Events & Field Trips are for the FCCT students, and any teen (12-18) even if not taking classes, as long as, the FCCT Registration ($60) fee has been paid per term. Non-member teens may participate in events & field trips if there is space available and with an additional fee per event (TBD by Event/Field Trip Coordinators). Please be mindful that many of the events & field trips require an RSVP & additional fees with planning for food, even cost, etc. per student. Please be courteous in timely communication and payments to our coordinators.

Our children may participate in group activities and programs - By checking the Terms of Agreement box, we certify that we are the legal parents and/or guardians of the children listed in our Profile and we do hereby consent to all terms and conditions of this group on behalf of said listed children.  We authorize the listed children to participate in the group programs and or activities, whether sponsored or advertised, without further signature, release or authorization, unless required by the group. Some events may require waiver slips requested by their coordinator.

Our family may be photographed and audio/video recorded - As a participant in group events and activities the members of your family, including your minor children, may be photographed and audio/video recorded.  By checking the Terms of Agreement box we certify that we are the legal parents and/or guardians of the children listed in our Profile and we do hereby consent to all terms and conditions of this group on behalf of said listed children; to use these captured images for group promotional purposes, including press releases and newspaper articles, on FCCT'S SECURE website photo albums; without further signature, release or authorization and without compensation or rights of ownership or royalties.

Discipline Policy:

Students are expected to do the work that is asked of them, attend classes and behave in a respectful manner. Tutors may ask a student who is disruptive or disrespectful to leave the class without a refund of fees. For field trips and events, all participants are expected to be respectful, polite and on their best behavior. Each participant represents their family, homeschooling and First Class Clackamas Teens when on any field trip or while engaging in any event. Disrespecting property, bullying, harassing others or engaging in physical altercations will not be tolerated and will require the tutor, supervising parent or leader of FCCT to take further action (listed below).

If a student is disruptive, the following process will take place:

· First offense - the student receives a clear warning from the tutor.

· Second offense - the student is removed from the class or event and the student’s parents will be located and will be informed of the nature of the disruptive behavior.

· Third offense - the student and parent will meet with the tutor and a member of FCCT leadership to see if the student desires to remain a part of FCCT.

· Final Resolution - If the student continues to have discipline issues, the parent will be asked to remove the student for the remainder of the term, without a refund of fees.

Safety & Security:

We ask that all adults participating in the program (Tutors, Directors, etc.) fill out a background check form (checkout our "Requirements to Tutor at FCCT .")

We ask that parents or anyone who has come to pick up your child from a class please wait for the child in the front lobby for safety reasons. We also ask that any adult not participating in the program please refrain from using the bathroom facilities during program hours.

Please note: We do not have space for siblings during drop off, pick up or during the day. Therefore, no children will be permitted to stay in the building during program hours.

All teens participating in the program must be supervised at all times. Please be sure to pick up your teen within 5 minutes of when their last class ends. If this is not possible, your teen will automatically be registered for a Study Hall and you will be responsible for the tuition. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. All teens must be supervised at all times while on the premises. Therefore they must be registered for a class while on the church property. Study Hall will be available each period. Please be sure to pay the appropriate Study Hall Tutor. See our website class schedule for tutor names and fees.

Students will be expected to treat the Hillside Christian Fellowship church facilities with respect. They will be expected to clean up after after themselves; after any class or lunch time. While on the property of Hillside Christian Fellowship, students will not climb or jump from any site for safety and security reasons. FCCT will have parent volunteers during Chapel and Lunch times; to help with safety and security issues.

Hold Harmless Clause - By checking the Terms of Agreement box, participant(s), including participant’s spouse, children and family members, does hereby hold harmless, remise, release, and forever discharge, and does, for itself, its children, ward(s), family members and or its successors and assigns, remise, release, acquit, satisfy and forever hold harmless FCCT and Hillside Christian Fellowship, hereinafter referred to as “group”, its successors and assigns, of and from all manner of action and actions, cause and causes of action, suits, debts, dues, sums of money, accounts, reckonings, bonds, bills, specialties, covenants, contracts, controversies, agreements, promises, variances, trespasses, damages, judgments, executions, claims and demands whatsoever, in law, or in equity, with reference to any and all claims or causes of action whatsoever arising out of participant(s) participating in any group activity, event or situation, whether said activity, event or situation is or is not sponsored by the group or otherwise advertised or not advertised by the group for the benefit of group members.

Inclement Weather:

FCCT will follow the North Clackamas County School District Closure policy. If the North Clackamas schools are closed due to weather FCCT will be also. When inclement weather is threatening check your email or the FCCT loop for a morning announcement before class starts.

Parent Involvement:

Classwork: We are assisting you as the primary overseer of your teen’s coursework. Your communication with the tutors with expectations, weekly assignments, attendance, etc. and oversight of completed work is critical to your teen’s success in each class.

Chaperones/Volunteers: We invite you to be chaperones in our events and field trips to assist, monitor, participate, bring food or supplies as requested, and help make each event & field trip a successful venture. We have specific areas to volunteer: Lunch supervision, help with the Christmas Party in December, help with community service projects or other events.

Communication: Please be sure we have both you and your teen’s updated email address so each of you can receive any monthly newsletters or emails. These are usually sent by the first of the month and include upcoming events, field trips, guest speakers and other necessary information. If you have questions or are not receiving them, please inform Laura Petchell,

Personal Hygiene:

FCCT realizes that this is a sensitive subject. As the children mature this does become an issue though. Please be sure that your child bathes within 24 hours of attending the FCCT program or any FCCT activities. It is also important that you remind them to brush their teeth before attending.

Dress Code:

We ask that all students dress appropriately and modestly with no logos or advertising that may be seen as offensive. For young ladies we ask that any skirts or shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Class Grades:

FCCT Tutors assists homeschool families in their teen’s coursework. Credit or grade must be given by the parent. Tutors may give a percentage of completed assignments/tests/quizzes for the class and the parent will decide the grade that the teen receives. Some tutors may give a certificate of completion, if student class requirements have been met.

Tutor Availability:

Tutors are available to answer questions at their convenience during the term. Check with each tutor the best way of communication (email, phone or other).

FCCT asks all tutors to have a syllabus available by the first day of class, so parents can know what will be taught that term. Many of the classes are offered as part 1 and part 2 over the course of the year. We also recommend a mid-term (8 weeks) progress report be sent by the tutor to a parent.

FCCT Leadership Team: