What About CHEO?

QUESTION:  I thought that CHEC and CHEO were one in the same.  Is this true?

ANSWER:  No.  CHEC stands for Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati.  CHEC serves homeschoolers in the greater Cincinnati area.  CHEC aims to serve families on a local level via neighborhood support groups, allowing families to connect and fellowship.

CHEO stands for Christian Home Educators of Ohio.  CHEO serves *all* homeschoolers in the state of Ohio.  CHEO is a non-profit organization that is involved in state legislation that concerns homeschoolers residing in the state of Ohio.


QUESTION:  How do I get more information about CHEO?

ANSWER:  You can visit their website at this address:  http://www.cheohome.org/


QUESTION:  When I join CHEC, am I automatically a member of CHEO?

ANSWER:  No.  Neither CHEC, nor CHEO are interchangeable.  Memberships are managed separately.  Please contact CHEC to join CHEC.  Please contact CHEO directly for membership information.


QUESTION:  Does CHEC endorse CHEO?

ANSWER:  Yes.  CHEC encourages all members to join and support CHEO.  They volunteer their time to work on behalf of all Ohio homeschoolers on a daily basis.  We appreciate all their hard work for homeschoolers within the state of Ohio.  Please visit their website for more information.