HSLDA General Info


ANSWER:  HSLDA stands for Home School Legal Defense Association, a nonprofit ministry to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.


QUESTION:  Where can I get more information?

ANSWER:  You can visit the HSLDA website online at  http://hslda.org/ .


QUESTION:  I heard HSLDA offers discounts to homeschool 'groups'.  Does CHEC have a discount?

ANSWER:  Yes.  As a member of CHEC, you have access to a discount on membership to HSLDA.  You have to provide HSLDA with the CHEC membership discount number in order to partake in the discount.  Ask your group leader for details.


QUESTION:  I was an HSLDA member before I joined CHEC.  Can I still get the discount?

ANSWER:  Yes.  After you join CHEC, your group leader will provide you with the CHEC discount information.  Contact HSLDA directly and let them know that you are now a CHEC member.  You will need to provide them with the CHEC discount number and they will adjust your membership pricing accordingly.