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Choosing to homeschool your child is an important decision and a big commitment for the entire family. As parents plan for that first year, they often feel overwhelmed by the decisions that need to be made concerning curriculum and schedule. The best preparation for homeschooling is to read some basic books on the subject. These books will help you understand the steps necessary to make your transition into homeschooling easier and give you the knowledge and confidence you need.
Read a few of these books and carefully consider the advice of these experienced homeschooling parents and authors before you buy your curriculum or begin your schooling schedule. It will be helpful for you to have a clear picture of your goals and strategy, even if that means that you postpone your start date by a couple of weeks. By doing this, you will save your family money, time and possibly several headaches in the end!
Remember, you taught your child everything he or she needed to know up to age five. Together you and your child can take the next steps in learning. May God bless you as you learn and grow together as a family! Here are some books we recommend:
620749: The Three R"s, One-Volume Edition The Three R's, One-Volume Edition
By Ruth Beechick / Mott Media, Llc

Simple and direct, this little book has nonetheless been used by many homeschoolers to teach reading, language and math without expense! Charts and guiding explanations allow you to teach phonics and math with ease; the writing section explains the time-tested method of copying and dictating. A wonderful alternative to overly academic books! Includes a phonics/arithmetic chart. Grades K-3. 85 pages, softcover.


19047: You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully, Paperback You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully, Paperback
By Ruth Beechick / Mott Media, Llc

Learn the "secrets" that will help you teach better! Covering grades 4 through 8, this informative book by experienced educator Beechick shows you what issues in science every child needs to know, what should be learned in each grade, why the Bible is the best foundation for education, how you can teach music and art without being a musician or an artist, and more. 388 pages, softcover from Arrow.


75751: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, 2001  Edition--Book and CD-ROM The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, 2001 Edition--Book and CD-ROM
By Debra Bell / Thomas Nelson

Now revised and updated, this comprehensive manual has been hailed as the guide to help parents achieve homeschooling success. Bell's practical insights on tailoring lesson plans to fit kids' needs, selecting books and materials, and more will help you enhance family life while providing your children with a quality education. A companion CD-ROM features the text of the book, plus links to homeschool websites. 404 pages, softcover from Nelson.


441528: Parenting Is Heart Work Parenting Is Heart Work
By Dr. Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller, R.N., B.S.N. / David C. Cook

If you're like most parents, you have developed your own parenting strategy-sometimes it seems to work, and other times-based on the way your child behaves-you wonder if it's working at all. There are countless ways to try to get a child's attention and to effect change-but here's the truth-unless you deal with a child through his or her heart, you are not likely to see lasting change. In this breakthrough book, you can learn to truly reach your child's heart to teach, train and build a tremendous relationship. You can turn correction times into learning experiences, equip your children to accept responsibility for their mistakes and meditate on the right things, influence and adjust the values and beliefs your children hold and maintain a relationship with your children through love and emotional connectedness.


5290X: For the Children"s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home & School For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home & School
By Susan Schaeffer Macaulay / Crossway Books & Bibles

Regarded as one of the classic books on Charlotte Mason's ideology, Susan Schaeffer Macauley provides us with a warm and throught provoking conversation on the educational principles for school and home. She highlight's Charlotte Mason's view of children as legitimate people, and denounces the "twaddle" of lightweight fluff that today seems to fully occupy children. Dwelling on the importance of play, a Scriptural understanding of man, creativity and family, she makes a compelling case for the gentle art of learning. 161 pages, softcover.


00237: Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling
By Diana Waring / Emerald Books

Discover how to have a successful, joy-filled homeschooling experience! Brimming with lots of practical advice, this introduction to "realistic homeschooling for real people" will help you understand learning and teaching styles, survive your first homeschool convention, juggle multilevel teaching, and more. A list of resources is included at the end of each chapter. With a foreword by Cathy Duffy. 218 pages, softcover from Emerald Books.


90498: Better Late than Early A New Approach to Your Child"s Education Better Late than Early A New Approach to Your Child's Education
By Raymond Moore / A. B. Publishing

"Moore brings a wealth of evidence from a wide variety of sources to indicate that early schooling, although promoting (perhaps) earlier cognitive organization, introduces a host of fateful "iatrogenic-" disturbances. Our knowledge of maturation, development, developmental stages, and critical developmental periods for the human, all support Moore's basic thesis... Of what value is the educational process, if the very process, when prematurely introduced within the unfolding epigenetic field, distorts the developing psychic structure so as to interfere with future education, and learning to live and learning to love, let alone learning to learn. This is an important book for parents and for professionals. It warns, it offers alternatives, and it never loses sight of its main focus, the health, happiness and 'fundamental education' of our children." David R. Metcalf, M.D.


Home Improvement: 8 Tools for Effective Parenting, by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN
Written by two homeschooling parents, this book gives you foundational principles for family life. Learn how to help children change their hearts, not just their behavior. Discover ways to make discipline times constructive and positive so you can correct your children without sacrificing the closeness in your relationship. This book also offers a plan to equip children to manage their emotions and respond well to frustration and anger…Eight tools in all to give you a practical homeschooling toolbox. Available at
Biblical Parenting.
A Survivor's Guide to Home Schooling, by Luanne Schackelford and Susan White.
Home schooling may be one of the most important and rapidly growing social movements of the day, but that doesn't get the laundry done for home teaching moms! Here is the help that millions of homeschoolers have been waiting for. Written by two home teaching moms, this book answers the questions homeschoolers are asking like, How can I prevent burnout? What do I do with my preschoolers while I teach? What if my child isn't getting it? How can my husband help?
The Big Book of Home Learning. Vol. 1 Getting Started, by Mary Pride.
This book is a classic, giving many helpful insights into the resources that are available. The homeschooling family that is looking for answers will find them in Mary Pride's book.

Where Do I Get These Books?

To obtain any of these books, click on the picture of each book above and it will link you directly to or check with your local Christian Bookstore. The Mercer County Library System also has some of these books available.




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