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Homeschool Questions

Why Homeschool?

The reasons people homeschool vary from family to family but common themes emerge. Not all families share the same motivation but all see that the homeschooling option will give them something they wouldn’t otherwise obtain. Here’s a sampling of why some families homeschool.
"Our son has a learning problem that makes him different from the other children. We wanted him to be able to learn his way in a relaxed environment without feeling like a dummy. Over the past three years he has improved dramatically and his self esteem and confidence have blossomed."
"Much of the social pressures in school nowadays are unwholesome. We wanted our children to learn in an atmosphere where teasing, foul language, disrespect, drugs and other negative influences were not part of the learning environment."
"I was impressed with the statistics of homeschooled children. They often test better than their peers on standardized tests. The individualized instruction allowed my bright daughter to excel at her own rate instead of waiting for the rest of the class to catch up."
"My values were not being reinforced in the classroom and I wanted my children to learn in an environment consistent with our values as a family."
"We had a good relationship with our children and we saw homeschooling as a way to strengthen those relationships all the more. Our family is close and we enjoy the special times we spend together."

Some Homeschooling Facts

It’s legal for parents to homeschool in the state of New Jersey and in every state in the United States.

Homeschoolers develop better socially because they miss out on much of the negative socialization in the school environment and because the children learn healthy social skills from positive role models at home.

A wealth of curriculum is written especially for homeschoolers. You can buy a complete program and come under an organization to mentor you through the process or you can gather resources from many sources, developing your own curriculum. The resources available are quite extensive.

Membership in the Homeschoolers Support Network has many benefits: building relationships, field trips, access to homeschool related information, and discounts at area businesses.

But I am not sure I can do it.

Homeschooling may be easier and more rewarding than you think. As you consider homeschooling you probably feel good about the ideas, frightened by the responsibility and overwhelmed by the question of where to begin. This is normal!
We want to make the transition as easy as possible for you. Homeschooling doesn’t require an advanced degree or special training; it only requires a committed parent willing to learn.
Some families begin to homeschool when their first child is young–others begin with teenagers. Some have small families, others have large families. Our families are quite diverse, negotiating around the various unique aspects of their life-styles.
An abundance of resources exist to support the growing homeschooling movement in America. The Homeschoolers Support Network considers it a priority to collect information about those resources and make that information available to you.
Homeschooling adds a new dynamic to the parent/child relationship. This has its strengths but also can be quite a challenge. We can help you prepare for and meet that challenge. Homeschooling is not easy. In fact, it’s a lot of work but the rewards are tremendous!
For additional information, check out the Getting Started Page.