Box Tops for Education

HSN earns 10 cents for each Box Top that you clip from participating products and hand in! 

This helps to keep dues down.  Click here for more information on how this fundraiser works or for the list of products that have Box Tops or a printable complete list of participating products.

Here is how you can get the Box Tops to us:  

1. Bring them to an HSN event.
2. Put them in the "Box Top" box in the library at Holy Trinity Lutheran   Church, Rt. 206, Lawrenceville, NJ .
3. Mail them to HSN, PO Box 2973, Hamilton, NJ 08690.

Remember to ask your friends and neighbors to save them - they add up!  Thanks for clipping!   

Another way to participate with Box Tops is to log in to their website at on the current promotion, and enter HSN to receive additional box tops!  Also, you can shop online through their website, and HSN will receive a portion of the proceeds! 

Questions?  Please email