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Homeschoolers Support Network!

We are a group of families who provide mutual support and encouragement  to one another as we educate our children at home.  While our mission is distinctively Christian, we welcome all people of good will who are comfortable within that context.
Our organization is a non-profit, multi-denominational, member-run network committed to the support and promotion of homeschooling families in Mercer County and the surrounding areas.
The Homeschoolers Support Network provides a link to homeschooling resources, information, and events and a place to share ideas and opportunities.
We offer a place to connect with other homeschooling families through formal and informal programs, groups, and activities including field trips, classes, and training so that parents can teach their children effectively at home.
For the 2017-2018 school year, plans are underway for our annual Kick-off picnic, Curriculum Tea, Used Curriculum Sale, and field day. Additional field trips and events have been proposed, and volunteers are working out the details.
We all love our children and enjoy our families enough to make this rather large commitment; that does not mean it is not difficult at times. We all need friendships, new ideas and support along the way!
If you are just getting started or if you are considering the idea of homeschooling we hope you will find some information and support here! And even make some new friends!
Check out the Getting Started link (to find please highlight "About HSN") and other links to the left.
Please contact us with your questions via email at HSN@homeschoolsupport.org.
Homeschoolers Support Network
PO Box 2973
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**(We would like to invite family and friends to help support our organization.  Shopping online is a great way to help the group receive monies while you shop from the comfort of your home.  Just click on the Shopping to Benefit HSN page to the left and start shopping.)**