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Field Trip Ideas and Contact Information

These are just ideas that have been suggested or done before...if you have additional ones, please send those to and the list will be updated. We encourage all members to organize a field trip that others can come along with! If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


Acorn Trail – bike and pedestrian path throughout Rolla

Arts and Crafts Festival, Pine St. one Saturday in October

Audubon Society outings/trips . 

Banks – How does a bank operate?

Ber Juan Park - trail, ball diamonds, batting cages, skate park, play ground with sand.  Located between 10th and 18th St.  364-4278

Biology Group Tour at Missouri Science and Technology University (MST) - Contact Cathy Tipton - 341-4166.  You'll extract DNA from a banana, etc.

Blue Bonnet Special Steam Train - Located in Schuman Park, this train is symbolic of Rolla's railroad history dating back before the Civil War.  (The speaker allowed the children to climb on it after his talk.)  364-4278

Blue Beagle – ceramic studio. 600 N. Pine, Rolla, 573-341-BLUE,

Bonebrake Center of Nature and History - 601 N. Hickory St., Salem.  729-3400

Bray Conservation Center - Located 2.85 mi. down Bridge School Rd.  MUST HAVE RESERVATIONS.  Available once a semester or quarter, or ask about Conservation Kids Club for weekly experiments and nature lessons.  Programs include Lewis and Clark, Project Learning Tree, Living on Karst (or Bats and Caves), Aquatic Life, Mammals, Insects, Wetlands, and "Borrow Boxes" (with puppets, books, videos, props) such as "The Hungry Caterpillar,"  "Grouchy Lady Bug,"  "Sunwise Sun Safety," and "The Lorax." THESE TRUNKS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR CHECKING OUT IF YOU WANT TO DO HOME LESSONS OR A GROUP CO-OP CLASS.  368-2225 or 368-2489.  Also, call the Conservation Center.

Camp David of the Ozarks - ministry opportunities.  Contact Ben and Grace Smith. 368-5492.  18999 CR 5310, Rolla.

Centre – exercise, swimming, classes, 573-341-2386

Ceramics Group Tour at MST - This tour focuses on glass and ceramics.  How much can glass be changed with fire?  Experience melting glass and stringing it across the room, as well as many things about ceramics.  Call Cathy Tipton at 341-4166.

Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center - Call 364-3577 to get ideas for trips and possibly speakers.  1301 Kingshighway.

Chemistry/Science Activity Day at MST 341-4166 Check Web site for yearly event.

Coachlite Lanes Bowling Alley, 1038 Kingshighway. 364-4124

Community Center in St. James - Possibly for free.

Conservation Office at Junction of Hwy E and Y.

Cultures around the world – Contact MS & T to ask about students from various countries.

 Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology.  Located in Missouri Geology Building, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), 111 Fairground Rd, the museum displays Missouri's geological history: fossils, mammoth tusks, rocks, maps, etc. can do programs and experiments.  Each child may take home a specimen from the rock pile. 368-2100

Electron Microscope at MST - Dr. Scott Miller, metallurgical engineering - 341-4727

Experimental Mine - This limestone mine, located on Bridge School Rd., was founded in 1921.  It has daily tours from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.  The mine also exhibits old mining equipment.  341-4111

Fine Linen Drama – – Drama productions directed by Keith and Kim Nisbett

Fire Station - St. James has excellent program including simulated fire escape experience. 

Geology Group Tour at MST - Rock and Mineral Museum, located at 14th and Bishop, 125 McNutt Hall.  Includes specimens from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.  Call Cathy Tipton, 341-4166

Giant's Chair at St. James Park - also fire ring for roasting hot dogs.  Beautiful park for play or for art and nature adventures.  Walk trail to see rock formation in shape of giant’s chair.

Golf Course - 10th and Fairground Rd.  9-hole course is open to the public.  341-4111.

Grape and Fall Festival – St. James in September

John A. Dillon Log Home - Located at the corner of 3rd and Rolla St., it was designated the first Phelps County Courthouse in 1857.  Open:  Thursday, 10-2, from Memorial Day-Labor Day.  364-1669

Historical Society of Phelps County - Ask for other tours and speakers regarding Rolla and surrounding areas.  Maybe you'll find a jewel to share.

Holly Days in Rolla – Second Saturday in November + preview night, discounts

Kokomo Joe’s Go Kart, Mini Golf, and Water Wars – 573-341-KOKO. Off I-44, Exit 189, 1 mile north of Love’s at 10450 State Route V

Kyoto Restaurant - experience a Japanese meal, perhaps even Hibachi cooking in front of you. 

Lane Springs – 12 miles south of Rolla Hwy 63 S

Leach Theater – 573-341-4219, many drama, dance, choir and band performances for $. School Outreach performances. Check out their website at

Libraries -  Rolla Public has summer reading programs.  The Children's Programming room is available for classes if reserved in advance and all classes are open and free.  Ask if story hour personnel could plan a very special program.  

    St. James Library has outstanding interactive summer programs on Tues/Wed, 10:30

Lions Club Park - Hwy 63 South.  364-4386 to reserve a pavilion for free.  Has fire pit, trails, lake where you may fish or feed ducks.  Carnival and fireworks in July.

Mark Twain National Forest - Located at 401 Fairgrounds Rd.  Could possibly do presentations regarding forestry, controlled burns, fighting forest fires, identifying trees and wildflowers and wildlife.  Free posters.  (The speaker, such as Rich Hall or Galen Johnson, could select a park such as Lane Springs to show outdoor examples).  364-4621

Meramec Springs - inquire about  school programs and walking tours provided by the James Foundation.  Also enjoy the fish hatchery, learn about the old ironworks, view two museums, etc.  265-7124. 

Merle’s Music – instruments, lessons 573-341-3020

The Meyer Tree & Berry Farm, Dixon, MO 573-759-7998 - Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze tours. You can pick blueberries here too.

A Miner Indulgence, owned by Ron and Barb Kohser, houses many antiques. 13750 Martin Springs Dr., Rolla, 364-0680, 573-578-6638 or

Minerals Collection – McNutt Hall at MST, 341-4616, 3,500 specimens from around world. 1904 World’s Fair displays.

Montauk State Park in Salem.  548-2201 or 1-800-334-6946.  Tour trout hatchery and gristmill built in 1896.

MST events –

MST Walking Tour – 573-341-4185, unique art, architecture, and artifacts 

Music – MST Summer Band is for local musicians, young and old, to join.  Concerts in July.  Contact Don Miller. 341-4698.

Newburg Children's Museum, Newburg, MO

Nuclear Power Group Tour at UMR - Call Cathy Tipton, 341-4166.  Limited to groups of 15 students.

Oak Meadow Country Club - Located east of Rolla off 10th St. on Country Club Dr., this private club has an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, restaurant.  The golf course is open to the public if you call ahead to make arrangements.  341-2363

Observatory at MST - View the night sky through a powerful telescope.  Check University calendar for dates.

Old Courthouse - Located at 3rd and Rolla St., the old courthouse was build prior to the Civil War and was used both as a hospital and storage space for horses' hay during those times.  364-1891.

Old Ironworks Days at Meramec Springs in St. James,  one weekend in October, museums, butter churning, doll making, sawing, blacksmithing, etc.

Old Stagecoach Stop on the Waynesville Square and House Museum.  774-5368.

Oral Reeves Gallery of art – Wed-Sat 10 – 5:30 or by appt. 606 Cedar St., Rolla, 573-364-7446 (Check for appropriate art.)

Ozark Actors Theatre - 364-9523 – dramas, talent nights, etc.

Pedestrian Bikepath, Rolla

Physics Group Tour at MST - Experience amazing experiments and changes when using different elements, such as liquid nitrogen.  Marshmallows are changed to rocks and then children eat them!  Don't worry.  It's perfectly safe.  Call Cathy Tipton at 341-4166.

Pizza restaurant - See how a pizza is made at Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, etc.

Police Station and Dispatch

Pool in St. James or Rolla

Pumpkin Patch/Maze/ Strawberry Picking at Meyer's Tree and Berry Farm - Dixon - Hwy D 759-7998

Rare Coin Shop - See coins from around the world.715 N. Pine- 573-364-4272

Remember When Museum.  500 S. Oak St.  Dixon 759-6977.

Results Radio - See how a radio station operates.  You might even be asked to speak on the radio!

Riverside Wildlife Center, Stanton, Missouri 573-927-6253

Robotics at MST - 341-4132

Rock Sale at MST 

Rock Quarry - Mary Oliver Hall, local artist, does painting on sandstone.  She may know how to contact a rock quarry to see how the stone is acquired.

Royal Canin USA Inc. – How is dog food made?   1700 Bridge School Rd., 364-1312

Runge Nature Center, Jefferson City, MO. Call ahead and they will organize a talk. Trails are also available.

Scout Lodge in St. James - $25 fee

Skating - The Zone - Ask about special themed skating experiences to incorporate into regular skate days.573-341-5700

Solar Group Tour at MST - Call Cathy Tipton, 341-4166.  Solar house, car, bicycle, robotics, and more!

State Hwy Patrol Station, Rolla

Stonehenge at MST - 14th St. and Bishop Ave. 341-4111 

Tanager Trails Nature Center - Off Meriweather Rd.  Turn right instead of going left onto Hwy E.  Hike the trails, or ask about doing a service project, or experimenting with the stream, or doing a nature excursion with a guide or just with moms and dads.

Television Station -  How does a television station operate?

Two P's Pumpkin Patch, October 2 through November 6, 2010. 135 West Hwy 32, Licking MO

U.S. Army Engineer Museum - Corner of Nebraska and S. Dakota St.  Ft. Leonard Wood.  596-0780

USGS Center in Rolla – 573-308-3500

Vacuum Museum, St. James, MO

Veterinarian office -


Educational Field Trip ~ all and 90 minutes or less to reach
Missouri Highest Peak Taum Sauk ~ they have a look out tower and walking trails that lead to a water fall( good hiking shoes, water, and food needed for this very rough hike) - this park is Not far from Elephant Rock State Park and Johnsons Shut Ins:
Bluberry Picking ~ Rolla :
Revolutionary War Fort ~ Sits next to the Mississippi River:
Pierre Manard's historic home ~ Sits next to the Mississippi River:
Lewis and Clark Musem ~ Group Rates for homeschool groups:
Cathedral Basilica ~ find out how St. Louis came to be through this historical tour of beautiful art and archetecture by seeing what those who chose to give back to God did with their gifts ~ Group tours given for whatever donation you would like to give:
Fox Theater Tour St. Louis, MO ~ Group rates for homeschoolers :
Onondaga State Park Caves, and special events such as hummingbird tagging Leasburg , MO:
Meremac Springs Park St. James, MO~ Walking trails, Musem, Trout Hatchery, Historic Town Murals, Remants of historic iron works:
Riverside Reptile Ranch Staunton, MO~ Group tour rates,,,lions, tigers, reptiles and much more :
Gateway Arch Tours, St. Louis ~ Group Rates for homeschool organizations, courthouse tours reinactments, Carriage rides, Arch and musem tours, riverboat tour, helicopter tours: