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Helpful Handy Man Submitted by: ADMIN

Contact 4859 Lost Lane Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Phone: 920-755-9874 Cell: 920-755-1236 Fax: 920-755-0001

Helpful Handy Man at your service!


Need a mirror hung?  Fix a damaged door?  Repair a screen? We do it all!  Call for an estimate. Helpful Handy Man is licensed and insured. We have been repairing and remodeling since 1990 and are known for our quality work. If we cannot do it, we will recommend someone who can. Put your job in our hands.    

Homeschool-Life.com Submitted by: ADMIN website

Contact 100 Camelot Drive Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Phone: 920-755-0257

FREE 60 Day Trial!


Homeschool-Life.com is offering homeschool group and co-op leaders and their families a FREE web site for 60 days, with no obligations. Click on Request Information or email us at info@homeschool-life.com to start your web site today! It is that easy!  Most sites are setup the same day.



Ready to launch your new website?

If you are delighted with your new web site and want to continue the service, Homeschool-Life.com charges an annual hosting fee of $7.50 per member.  You need at least 14 families to setup a site; you can have less than 14 but the minimum billed is 14 families.  Invoices are emailed annually and billed according to member levels at the time of the annual renewal.  Our payment process is easy and straightforward. These fees are due when your free 60 day trial period expires and on annual renewal dates.  If homeschool families join after the renewal date, they will be included in the following year's renewal.  We know your membership fluctuates so feel free to have families join throughout the year.  We bill for these new families at the next annual renewal. 

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