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Questions About Finances

Q:    What is included in the tuition?

A:    Three hours of morning classes each week for 27 weeks - or 30 weeks for high school

  • ALL Supplies (classroom, science labs, art, music)
  • Classroom tutors with a Christian worldview who understand homeschooling
  • Weekly structure, planned lessons, and accountability to stay on track to finish the year
  • Quality curriculum chosen to make decision-making easier and to unify the community
  • Access to training and mentoring via members-only website and community meetings
  • ROCK Academy created workbooks

Q:    Is curriculum included in tuition?

A:    Some. ROCK Academy created workbooks are included in the tuition. Other books, such as spines, literature, or other language arts texts are not included with tuition.

At ROCK Academy, we structure our program so that families are working at the same pace, studying the same topics and subjects, mostly from the same resources. Our Educational Team selects the curriculum to be used in each subject based on the same choosy, discriminating factors that you look for: biblical worldview, affordability, consumable vs. non-consumable, learning styles, age appropriateness, and much, much more.

After enrolling in the program, families are given a list of texts and literature which will be used for each age group for the year. Besides required texts, optional and highly recommended materials are also listed. By sending this list out early enough, parents have plenty of time to either buy or borrow the materials they will need for the school year.

With some materials, we are able to place bulk orders, or receive co-op pricing to help reduce the cost of materials. All of those details are given out to enrolled families during the summer.

Q:   Do afternoon classes have a fee?

A:   Yes. Afternoon classes are optional, but at a very low price. Like the morning classes, afternoon class tuition includes all supplies.

Q:    Are there tuition discounts?

A:    Yes. Although our tuition is incredibly reasonable for an academic homeschool program, we do understand that homeschooling is a huge financial commitment for families. For that reason, ROCK Academy offers tuition credit for tutoring and various administrative jobs at ROCK. For more information, contact the Director at info@rockacademymn.com

Q:    Is there a payment plan?

A:    Yes, and all tuition balances must be paid in full by November 15th.