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2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
In Person Plan & Procedures can be found here.
Covid-19 symptom checklist can be found here.

Updated 2/17/2021
If your question is not addressed in this document, please send it to [email protected] and we will answer it and may add it to the list here.

**This is a working document, subject to change, as county guidelines are updated.

We, the leaders of CFS Poway, affirm and support Christian Family Schools of San Diego (CFSSD), Christian Home Educators of California (CHEA)  and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), in abiding by the current public health guidelines from San Diego County.

CFSSD’s policy is that our leaders and groups must adhere to state and local guidelines regarding precautions to take during a CFS advertised or sponsored activity or event.  At this time this means in-person gatherings with persons outside your household are limited to three families meeting outdoors.

Support Group 


A membership meeting was held on 7/27 discussing what we expect for this coming year at this time. A recording of this meeting is available on our homepage.

Why am I being asked to sign a COVID waiver of liability?
This waiver is an acknowledgement that you understand participation in CFS Poway’s programs is voluntary and at your own risk. You will need to print, sign, scan and email it with your membership request to complete your renewal. Please email to [email protected]. It may also be mailed to CFS Poway, P.O. Box 1824 Poway, CA 92074.

What about my volunteer job for membership?
We are optimistic that gatherings will be allowed for in-person events at some point this year. We also highly encourage your creativity in offering a virtual event which will serve the needs of our members while gathering isn’t allowed, or for those who are choosing to shelter in place. Please let us know what your ideas are. We are flexible and encourage your initiative.

Financial Hardship

Our family is currently experiencing financial hardship, is there help available?
Please contact us regarding financial assistance or a payment plan. We would love to be able to pray with you and find a solution. 

Park Day

Will you be hosting park days?
We are currently not planning park days at Silverset Park on our calendar. These will occur when the public health guidelines allow us to meet in parks in groups larger than 3 families. We are planning events in lieu of Park Days on Fridays (approximately monthly) at Living Way Church since we are permitted to gather at churches outdoors under all tiers. See the calendar to sign up.

Will you be selling pizza and drinks at park days?
No. We will not be selling pizza at park days when they begin again due to the health concerns around shared communal food. Drinks will be available for sale at park days. 

Field Trips

When will field trips be scheduled?
We have some outdoor field trips on the calendar and hope to have indoor field trips on our calendar as soon as venues begin to open up. The size of field trips will be limited to whatever the current public health orders require. Mask requirements will be at the discretion of the venue. We are happy to discuss ideas and tentatively plan dates with you. [email protected]


When will social events be scheduled?
Currently, we are able to host outdoor events at Living Way as churches are permitted to hold outdoor gatherings under all tiers. Online events are also scheduled on the calendar. Currently, in-person gatherings are limited to only 3 families outdoors observing social distancing. Families are welcome to post on our forums about gathering with 2 other families that adhere to the current guidelines. We want to remain socially connected even while we are asked to be socially distanced. Once  indoor venues and larger gatherings are permitted, we welcome your ideas for events. This may require that limits be made on the size of gatherings. Mask requirements will be at the discretion of the venue and current public health guidelines. We are happy to discuss any ideas you might have that can be hosted outdoors at Living Way. [email protected]



When is the 2020-2021 co-op year?
September 10, 2020 ending May 20, 2021 with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

What will virtual co-op look like?
In order to help our teachers and families make firm plans, we will have a virtual co-op for the year. This allows us to offer a co-op at this time that is not subject to unpredictable public health closures.


When does enrollment open?
Enrollment for classes will occur August 3-5. You must have signed up and paid for CFS Poway membership AND signed up and paid for co-op with your co-op fee by July 31st in order to register for classes. Enrollment will be prioritized as always. Remember that co-op registration is processed manually, so please don’t wait until the last few days.

When will a class schedule be available?
Due to recent changes in our plans for this year announced on 7/21, all of our teachers are now prayerfully reconsidering their class proposals and making final decisions. A list of proposed classes is available here. Please be aware this is an evolving list. We hope to have this available one week prior to the start of enrollment. We appreciate your patience as all of our teachers are parents who are volunteering their time and gifts to serve our CFS family.

What if I already paid the co-op facility fee?
All previously paid facility fees will be refunded by 7/25. Please contact Lucinda at [email protected] if you have not received a refund.  Please re-register for virtual co-op and pay the new fee of $15 per student for virtual or $60 per student for in-person/virtual by 7/31. The virtual fees will help cover the zoom membership costs for the teachers. You can register here. This year the maximum facility fee is capped at two students whether virtual or in-person. You will only pay for the first two children. After that, your other students are free. For those of you with two or more children doing only virtual classes that means your facility fee is capped at $30, for those who have two or more students taking in-person classes your fee is capped at $120, if you have one of each, your fee will cap out at $75. 

Our family is not interested in enrolling in online classes, what options are available to us?
Membership in CFS Poway without joining Co-op will be important to stay connected to the community for updates and support. We will offer online and in-person events (when allowed), in addition to access to our online forums, CFS Facebook page, and emails regarding opportunities that are offered in the community which benefit homeschool families. Please visit our calendar to view our available events which are being added on a regular basis. Our desire is to be a support structure for both veteran and new homeschool families. We share our gifts, talents, and encouragement with one another so beautifully.

Volunteer Jobs

Will we need to volunteer to participate in virtual co-op?
While we will not need volunteers to assist in virtual co-op, we would encourage parents to think of ways they could volunteer to offer a class or a club for our virtual co-op. We also would encourage all of our families to be creative about ways to build community that can be offered on our calendar. Some ideas would be virtual movie night, book clubs, prayer groups, coffee hours, cooking demos, knitting class, Bible study, curriculum discussions, homeschooling tips & tricks, etc.  [email protected]

Will we need to volunteer for in-person classes?
CFS Poway is an all volunteer, parent-driven co-operative. This year, we will have a minimal presence at Living Way Church. Every student’s family will be expected to contribute by serving a few times throughout the year with setup and cleanup. The number of times will be determined by the number of students participating in in-person classes.


Why is there a virtual co-op fee?
This fee will cover the cost for hosting classes on the Zoom platform from September to May.

When is the virtual co-op fee due?
The virtual co-op fee is due in full by July 31st in order to register for classes. Fees paid after that date are not guaranteed to be processed in time for registration the following week. Families experiencing financial hardship may contact us regarding assistance or a payment plan.

Why is the in-person/virtual co-op fee the same as last year’s co-op facility fee?
We pay rent for use of the facilities of Living Way Church. While that rent will be reduced, the number of families who are sharing in the cost of our rent will be a fraction of the size of our normal co-op class day of 90 families. We also have to pay for supplies needed in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

When are class fees due?
Class fees are due on 8/31, in order to keep your registrations. Registrations will be dropped for any unpaid classes, and those seats will be given to the next student on the waiting list. You will need to re-register for any classes at that point. 

What is the refund policy? 
Class fees are fully refundable one week prior to the start of classes except as noted in the class description for individual classes which require materials to be purchased well in advance. If you choose to drop a class after this point, a request for partial refund must be made through the teacher. Refunds will not be processed until the treasurer receives a refund request in writing from the teacher. The amount of the refund will be adjusted by the teacher to cover any supplies already purchased. 


Will all virtual classes include weekly live classes?
No. Teachers will choose whether their class will have a weekly Zoom class. A teacher may also offer scheduled content such as assignments like study schedule, readings, videos, homework, support, forum discussions, etc. to facilitate learning at home on pace with the class but without weekly live class. Teachers may use our class dashboard or another platform, like Google Classroom. We have Youtube tutorials on learning to use the class dashboard. We also suggest looking into resources to make zoom classes more interactive as well like this:
Generally, age 8 on average is appropriate for online classes. Younger students would likely need to attend online with a parent to stay on task. These requirements will need to be listed in your class description. 

When will online co-op classes meet?
Ideally, times for classes will be held during their scheduled Thursday class time. Occasionally, a teacher may not be able to offer an online class on Thursdays due to family needs. The class description will indicate the alternate online class time and be grouped under non-Thursday classes.

What will the in-person classes be like?
All classes will be held outside. Students will be spaced 6 feet apart. Every student remaining on campus will need some means of communicating with their parents. Bathrooms will be the only indoor access. Parents are welcome to stay on campus to fellowship if they choose. Please remember that your children who are not enrolled at class day must be supervised by you. Everyone on campus is expected to bring a mask. We will be monitoring the current public health guidelines. The specifics of those requirements and any future changes to guidelines will be communicated to all families.

What if I want to teach on campus?
In-person classes are approved on a case by case basis. We have very limited availability, so very few classes will meet the criteria to be held in-person. Please contact Heather Laky if you would like to discuss your class.

What if I want to change the class I planned to teach?
We encourage all teachers to take a fresh look at their class submissions to evaluate how they can be creative about making them work in a virtual setting. You are free to make adjustments to your class description or even start over with a new idea if that will help you feel more confident about teaching this year. 

Will Zoom be available to teachers?
Yes. We will reimburse Zoom access for any teacher who would like to offer live instruction for their virtual class. If you would like to share an account with another teacher, teaching at a different time, you are welcome to arrange this as it helps us save money. You do not have to budget for this in setting your class fee. Your receipt just needs to be submitted with a reimbursement request.

Will training on Zoom be available? 
We encourage teachers to take advantage of the wide variety of YouTube tutorials for Zoom. A Zoom tutorial will be offered for those teachers who would like to participate. 

What precautions are in place to prevent my student from being exposed to “Zoom bombing”? 
Zoom has a waiting room feature which requires you to admit students into the meeting. CFS Poway requires the use of a waiting room for all classes under its umbrella. Students must type in their real names so that you do not inadvertently admit someone using an alias. Please change your settings to require a meeting password as well.

If meetings of our co-op size are not allowed yet, can I teach a class in my home or other property for CFS Poway? 
No. Classes held by private individuals in their homes are not under the umbrella of CFS and are at your discretion.