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Teacher Required Forms

LCHA requires that each LCHA Teacher completes the following items:

  • Background Check  
  • Photo/Video Release 
  • Print and complete a Treatment/Liability Form. This form must be notarized and brought to the co-op Teacher Orientation (preferable) or no later than the first day of classes.
  • Print and complete the required W-9. Please bring the first page only with you to Teacher Orientation.
  • Please read the LCHA Member Handbook and acknowledge having read it by completing a LCHA Member Handbook with Acknowledgement  (Note: You may access and read the LCHA Member Handbook at the top of the Handbook Acknowledgement form; any time under the "Family Registration" tab; or you may read it here now: LCHA Member Handbook ) 
  • Please read click on this link,  read the LCHA Teacher Handbook, and scroll to the bottom of the document to sign and date in acknowledgment of having read it: LCHA Teacher Handbook with Acknowledgement  (Note: You may access and read the LCHA Teacher Handbook in the Handbook Acknowledgement; any time under the "Teacher Registration" tab; or you may read it here now: LCHA Teacher Handbook  

PLEASE NOTE**** YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WHEN YOUR TEACHER REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE. Please allow up to 48 hours for your Teacher registration to be fully processed once you have completed all required documentation. Registration review and approval is a manual process. We appreciate your patience as we review and confirm all documentation is in order for you to begin registering for classes. 

If you have any questions about the the Teacher Registration process please contact the LCHA Registrar ([email protected]) or LCHA President ([email protected]