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Request New Membership

We are excited that you are joining LCHA !

Our teachers and families look forward to you and your family joining us in the many exciting classes and co-op events we have planned for this year!

Please follow these steps to request membership:

1) Pay Membership Fees

 The LCHA Annual Family Registration Fee is $75.00/year for one student and $100.00/year for two or more students.  The Annual Registration fees cover our insurance policy, church usage fees, background checks, and website fees. If you will not have children in classes but would like to only participate in LCHA events and activities, you can opt to choose an affiliate membership plan for $40 per year.  

To register for the new year, it is important that you first review and acknowledge the LCHA Tuition Payment Policy Agreement  

Then pay for registration by selecting from the drop down menu which registration fee is applicable. Please note PayPal will not refund PayPal fees so should you need a refund of your registration payment; it will be less PayPal fees.

To pay membership fees, please select your Membership and click Buy Now:

Membership Fee


2) Volunteer Policy and Preferences

LCHA is run by its member families. Each family is responsible for specific (and shared) job duties throughout the year. When you register to become a member of LCHA you must choose volunteer jobs if anyone in your family is enrolled in classes at LCHA.

In order to register, please review and complete the Volunteer Policy and Preferences Form

If you are unable to volunteer at the co-op, there is buyout option for $325.00/year. The buyout is due now at time of registration. Please click the button to securely pay your fee.

If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected]


3) Complete Family Profile and Required Forms:

    LCHA requires that each member family completes a Family Profile, and several Required Forms. When you click on this Request New Membership link, you will be walked through the registration process and will be asked to fill out a Family Profile (emergency contact info, forum preferences, child special needs or allergies, etc) and to fill out several Required Forms, including a Photo/Video Release form, Tuition Payment and Yearbook Policy forms.

   To request membership and complete this information click here: Request New Membership 

Note: If you would like a preview of these forms, you can access them directly via the Required Forms on the left tab under Family Registration.


4) Login to LCHA Member Website:

  • Once you have completed the Request Membership process and completed your Family Profile information and all required forms, the adminstrator will review and approve your membership within 48 hours and send you an email that your family may sign into the LCHA member website and sign up for classes, events, etc. 
  • If you were unable to complete any steps in the New Member Registration  process, please complete them as soon as possible so your registration approval is not delayed.  (You may complete missed Required Forms directly via the link on the left side under Family Registration.)  
  • Registration review and approval is a manual process and we appreciate your patience as we review and confirm all documentation is in order for you to begin registering for classes.

PLEASE NOTE**** YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES UNTIL ALL REGISTRATION STEPS ARE COMPLETED. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WHEN REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR YOU. Please allow up to 48 hours for your registration to be fully processed once you have completed all required documentation. 

  • If you have any registration questions, please contact our Registrar ([email protected]


5)  Attend LCHA:

  • Before coming to LCHA, be sure to print and fill out a Treatment/Liability Form.This form must be notarized and brought to co-op on Open House night (preferable) or no later than your first day of co-op attendance.
  • Choose volunteer positions as appropriate.

Our teachers and families look forward to meeting you and your family and to your joining us in the many exciting classes and co-op events we have planned for this year! 

If you have any registration questions please feel free to contact our Registrar ([email protected]) or President ([email protected])

Welcome to LCHA !