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Teacher Handbook

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STATEMENT OF FAITH—Teachers are expected to be familiar with and respectful of LCHA's Statement of Faith, which is the Apostle's Creed. (See below) No teachings contrary to this will be allowed. Teachers are welcome to and encouraged to pray before classes.

APOSTLE'S CREED— I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth; And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord. Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate. He was crucified, died, and was buried. On the third day, He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He shall come to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. Amen.

ATTENDANCE— Teachers must be responsible for taking weekly attendance. This is essential to ensure teachers receive proper payment. If a teacher becomes aware of a student dropped or added, please notify the Registrar at registrar@lchaco-op.org. If the co-op is aware of changes to class enrollment, the teacher will be notified in order to update his or her roster.

TEACHER ASSISTANTS—Each teacher is provided with a teacher assistant for each of their classes. The teacher should communicate clearly at the beginning of the year to his or her TAs what duties will be expected, such as attendance, passing out papers, and so on. If any problems arise with your TA, please contact the Director.

TEACHER OPEN HOUSE—All teachers are required to be present at the LCHA Open House. Teachers should have their syllabi, books, requirements, and any other information necessary to their class available for the parents to peruse. If a teacher is unable to attend, he or she should secure a substitute to attend on their behalf.

COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE—Teachers must be aware of the copyright policy of the curriculum and other materials being used in their classes. Copying such material may be a violation of the law and is not permitted. For questions about copyright issues and intellectual property compliance, see the Director. Making photocopies, playing videos, or showing YouTube videos may be in violation of the law and may not be permitted.

CONFLICTS—If a conflict should arise between a student, parent or teaching assistant, teachers and parents are encouraged to follow the Matthew 18 method for solving conflicts by first talking to the person involved. Teachers are expected to do their best to maintain open communication with their parents and students, and to handle their own behavior issues within their classroom. If, however, a situation arises where the teacher would like assistance, see the Director.

DISCIPLINE—Teachers should be aware of LCHA's policy on discipline, as outlined in the LCHA HANDBOOK.

PUNCTUALITY—We thank teachers in advance for their punctuality. Teachers who are habitually late may be asked to leave LCHA.

CHILD PROTECTION—Children are expected to be constantly monitored and supervised in each classroom. Church policy requires TWO adults per class. Young children should be escorted down the hall by the TA. If a child needs assistance in the bathroom, two adults need to be present.

TEACHER REGISTRATION FEE - Teachers who do not have children enrolled in the LCHA co-op, pay a $50 registration fee if they teach one to two classes, or a $100 registration fee if they teach three classes or more, which includes their background check fee, insurance, and bookkeeping. For teachers with children currently enrolled in the co-op, their teacher registration fee is $25 for bookkeeping. Their background check and insurance are covered by their family’s registration fee. Teachers under 18 years of age pay $25 for bookkeeping, and do not require a background check.

ALLERGIES/LEARNING DISABILITIES—Please be aware of any students in your classes who may have allergies or learning issues or other special needs that need attention, such as bathroom assistance. Information that the parents provide to the co-op will be shared with you. It is imperative that teachers and parents be aware of potential life threatening food allergies of certain students and be in regular communication with each other. Teachers please encourage your students not to share food and candy with other children. Teachers are not to distribute candy or food in class unless it is a disclosed part of the class (such as Cooking Class) or unless parents are notified in advance.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES –In the case of an emergency, someone should contact the Director, the parents/care giver, and the front desk monitor. The co-op has a basic First Aid kit on premises in the supply room. A file box with registration papers containing the family emergency contacts with phone numbers and any specified individual medical information such as physician, insurance, allergies, current medications, etc. is kept in the supply room. In addition, a Sign In / Sign Out sheet is kept at the main desk indicating whether the parent is on site or off site with an emergency phone number given. LCHA may have a list of on site nurses or individuals with CPR / First Aid training that is kept at the front desk. CALL 911 - IMMEDIATELY - IF THE INDIVIDUAL HAS ANY LIFE THREATENING CONDITIONS OR ALLERGIES, IS UNCONSCIOUS, HAS TROUBLE BREATHING, HAS NO SIGNS OF LIFE (BREATHING OR MOVEMENT), HAS NO PULSE. OR HAS SEVERE BLEEDING. Please note the building address is posted in each room on the bulletin board in each room.

FIRE DRILLS—Each teacher should become familiar with the fire drill procedures and exit routes listed in each classroom. There will be periodic fire drills throughout the year. Rooms 200-214 should exit rooms to the right (left for 211) and proceed QUIETLY downstairs through the main double doors. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Carefully cross Orange Avenue and stop in the parking lot. Rooms 215-217 should exit QUIETLY down the back staircase. ALL CLASSES MUST GO OUT TO THE PARKING LOTS AT A SAFE DISTANCE AWAY FROM THE BUILDING AND NOT RETURN UNTIL ADVISED IT IS SAFE TO DO SO. Teachers are to bring their class rosters and have a complete head count before exiting and take roll both outside and upon return to the classroom to ensure all students are accounted for.

TEACHER EMERGENCY LESSONS PLANS—These are due the first day of class. One must be completed for each class. The plans will be used in the unforeseeable event of a teacher's absence and should include activities that will last the duration of the class. A make-up day will be available, if needed, the following Tuesday after the last day of official classes.

ZERO TOLERANCE—LCHA has a zero tolerance policy for DRUGS, ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, BULLYING, UNKIND LANGUAGE, PROFANITY, and VIOLENCE. Please make yourself aware of the guidelines in the LCHA HANDBOOK and follow them in your classroom.

GUESTS—LCHA allows a ONE TIME free sitting in a classroom for students or parents who may be considering a class, or guests visiting co-op. After one visit, payment must be made.

EXTRACURRICULAR EVENTS—Teachers are greatly encouraged to attend LCHA's extra events throughout the year, especially those involving student progress, such as the ART SHOW, CHRISTMAS SHOW or END OF THE YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA.

TEACHER/CLASS SELECTION—LCHA reserves the sole right to select teachers and classes. The selection may be based on any or all of the following criteria:

  1. Teachers with seniority may be given priority.
  2. Parents of current LCHA students may be given priority.
  3. Teachers of established reputation may be given priority over an unknown person.
  4. Classes that fit the need and survey response of LCHA may be given priority.

PAYMENT—Teachers are allowed to set their own class fees and supply fees as they deem appropriate. Student fees will be paid on the 20th of each month for the following month. Teachers will be paid no later than the 5th day of the following month for the preceding month’s classes. Final payment will be made ten days after the last class. Supply fees for the fall semester will be paid at registration and disbursed to teachers before classes begin. Supply fees for the spring semester will be paid by the families in December and will then be forwarded to teachers before classes begin for the spring semester.

TEACHER HANDBOOK--Signing below signifies that teachers have read, understood and will comply with the policies outlined in this and the LCHA Handbook.


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