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Annual dues to become part of the LEARN Homeschool Group are $25 per family. Dues must be paid in full within three weeks of the approval of your membership, or access to this web site will be suspended.  If you join anytime after January, your payment for the year is half-price, or $12.50. If you join in May or during the summer, you will not have to pay until that Fall. Membership fees are due each year in September.  *NOTE: The half-price fee does not apply if you plan to have a student participate in the LEARN Graduation ceremony in the spring. Members who join in March, April or May and plan to participate in that year's graduation must pay the entire $25 fee.

Note: If you are unable to pay your dues in full at this time, please contact LEARN and let us know of your situation. If you genuinely want to become part of the group, but are unable to pay because of financial hardship, we may be able to arrange a payment schedule or scholarship.

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