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Prospective Member Information



Thank you for your interest in FHC We hope that this page will answer some of your questions regarding our group's application and membership procedures. 

If you still have questions or may be interested in joining our group, please contact Christine at thesassers@comcast.net

When are applications accepted?

We will accept applications between March 1 and March 31 each year. 

Is space always available in FHC? Does application guarantee membership?

Application does not guarantee membership. Spaces are limited.

What is required to apply to FHC?

New members are considered based on agreement with our Statement of Faith/Behavior & Responsibility, sponsorship from a current member, class size and whether or not the family and group will mutually benefit from the membership. 

What age children participate in FHC?

We have infants through 6th grade.

How many families participate in FHC?

We have approximately 20 families


How often does FHC meet for co-op classes and when?

We have two terms, Fall (Sept. - Dec.) and Spring (Jan. - Apr.). We meet for 9 classes each term, usually the first three weeks of each month. December and April are months that we do group activities.

Classes are held from 9:30 AM - 12 PM on Thursdays

Field trips are usually on the 4th Thursday of the month or other designated times

Where are FHC meetings held?

Co-op meetings are held at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church in the Miramar area of Jacksonville, FL.

Does FHC offer anything in addition to co-op classes?

Lunch & Play at a local park after co-op classes. We also offer Monthly Mom's Night out for fellowship & encouragement. A variety of field trips and social gatherings.

How much does it cost to be a part of FHC if accepted?

Membership fees are being calculated for the coming year, but we do our best to keep costs down.There is an annual Membership fee and class fees. Field trips and other events have their own associated costs that are separate.


Can I drop off my student at FHC if accepted?

FHC is not a drop-off program. Parents should not leave the church without permission from the FHC leadership. Everyone's help is needed to ensure that session activities run smoothly and efficiently.

What are the parent volunteer requirements?

Parents are expected to co-teach, plan one field trip or MNO, and one other activity. 




  • Read the Policy Handbook, Statement of Faith, and Statement of Behavior and Responsibility
  • Attend the Open House and the park play day
  • Request an application
  • Parents and Children will sign and adhere to the Statement of Faith and the Statement of Behavior and Responsibility
  • Group administrator will let you know your status of membership
  • Sign up for website access