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 The Salt Seller has evolved into TSS EduSource, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation. As a leader in Home Education they are dedicated to providing Arizona families with the information and resources necessary for success.

Homeschool Support Group for Parents of Junior and/or Senior high students: Learn and share how to get your student into college. (See calendar for dates and times)

Running The Bases is our popular four part workshop series: Open to ALL Parents
First Base: Introduction To Home Education.
Second Base: How To Get the Most Out of a Home School Convention
Third Base: How Does a Home Educator Stay Organized?
Home Run: How Does a Homeschooler Get Into College?

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 Our Arizona focus includes:
-RUNNING THE BASES: TSS's WORKSHOP series. Open to ALL Support TSS Ministry!  Visit our NEW Book Store with the most popular homeschooling books and more. 

-CALENDAR: Up-to-date listing of homeschooling classes, workshops and events.

-LINKS: Visit many other websites such as - Support Organizations, Arizona Homeschool Law and Affidavit, Curriculum and Resources, How to . . ., National and Local Government Resouces, Interesting Homeschooling Facts.

-SUPPORT GROUPS: An up-to-date listing of Maricopa County support groups.

-THE SALT SELLER NEWSLETTER: A weekly newsletter for home educators, which will keep you informed with the latest events. E-mailed every Saturday morning.