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Our Mission:  Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers (MCH) seeks to support and encourage homeschooled children and their families educationally and spiritually as we work to build families that glorify and honor God.  We strive to be an example of Christian living in our community of Jacksonville, Florida. Our mission statement comes from 1 Thessalonians 5:11:  “Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up."

Our Purpose:  Mandarin Christian Homeschoolers exists to provide fellowship to families both within and outside of the church community who have chosen to educate their children at home.  We accomplish this through park days, field trips, social events, and service projects. MCH also sponsors a Friday co-op of parent-led classes with a separate and limited membership.

MCH General Membership is available at any time to area homeschoolers.  General Membership includes access to the MCH website, as well as participation in field trips, park days, other social activities, and Mom's Night Out events.  It does not include participation in Co-op or Co-op related activities.  To register for MCH General Membership, follow the "Request Membership" on the left.

MCH Co-op accepts applications for a limited time each spring.  If you are interested in Co-op membership, please know that future Co-op membership will be drawn from MCH General Membership only.  You must be current, active, and paid in full with MCH General Membership to be considered for Co-op membership.  For more detailed info on MCH Co-op, click hereIt appears likely that MCH will accept applications for new membership for the 2015/16 Co-op. For more information, join MCH General Membership, as our Co-op applicant pool will come exclusively from our current General Membership.

Further Questions?  Send an e-mail to: