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New Hope Academy

inspiring learning, strengthening families, instilling Godly character, embracing the Christian World View, creating a heritage - all for the glory of God

New Hope Academy is a K-12 private school registered and fully recognized by the Florida Department of Education.  New Hope Academy offers an umbrella/satellite program to those who home-educate their children. We give parents the freedom to choose the best curriculum and teaching method for their children at an affordable cost. 

New Hope Academy provides services to families throughout the United States.  We provide full legal coverage to all Florida state residents.

We believe every person is unique and learns the way God created them.  As a part of our school:
You as the parents choose and obtain the curriculum that will best suit your child(ren)’s learning style. We do not require a specific curriculum.  For more information on high school requirements, please select “High School” in the menu bar.
You have the freedom to use the teaching method that works best for your family. This includes textbooks, work texts, unit studies, Charlotte Mason approach, Principle approach, Classical approach, relaxed schooling, unschooling, eclectic schooling, on-line, dual enrollment, etc.  We have no age requirement for high school.
We require reporting to be sent in only twice a year. You set their school calendar in a manner most convenient for your family. We require the equivalent of 180 school days of attendance anytime in a twelve-month period.  You choose how to accomplish that - if your family likes to take the month of December off, school during the summer, or work on a four-day week, they may do so.

New Hope Academy  provides:
Access to Local Testing/Evaluation
Curriculum Counseling
Encouragement and Support
High School Diploma
Identification Cards
Local Graduation Ceremony
Maintenance of Transcripts
Semester Report Cards
Transfer of Records