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Whether you're new to homeschooling, or already homeschooling but new to the Treasure Coast,  Parents ETC is a group that can help you on your journey.

 We are NOT a private/academic school or organization, often referred to as Umbrella Schools.

Each family in our group is independently responsible for the education of their children, their choice of curriculum, and record keeping.

Our group provides the platform for people to exchange ideas, resources, personal experiences, and at times benefit from any group rates or discounts.

With the help of our members we're also able to provide various social, academic, and sporting events. These activities give our home school children the opportunity to come together with other children.

 You must be a member to participate in our Events and Activities.


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To view what activities we offer during the year, go to:
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For general information about homeschooling, go to:
New Homeschoolers
If you would like attend an orientation meeting or have any questions?
Email us at:  info@parents-etc.com

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