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Welcome to the Heart 'n' Home website.  The site has some wonderful features that will only enhance and benefit our group.  The more the site is used, the more helpful it will become.  For some tips on how to get the most out of this website click here 

Registration for 2013-2014 Heart n Home Membership is open.    For more information click here.



Our Next Meeting is May 15, 2014

at the Graceland Baptist Gym

6:45 pm

 Curriculum and Resource Sale!

New Location and New Set Up This Year

Hello everyone!  May 15th is our annual Heart'n'Home Curriculum and Resource Sale.  We are excited to announce some new things about the sale.  

First, we are opening up the sale to anyone who would like to sell their items.  You do not have to be a member of Heart'n'Home to sell this year.  Of course, if space becomes a concern, we will make sure our members are taken care of first.  

However, space should not be a concern because we are having the sale in a new and bigger location this year!  We are hosting the sale in the Graceland Baptist Church Gym.  Look for signs at Graceland on the day of the sale to be directed to the gym.  The sale starts at 6:45.  Sellers will be allowed to set up starting at 6:15.  

Third, so that we know how many people are selling this year and can make sure everyone has enough room to display their items, we are asking those who wish to sell to sign up.  Non members of Heart'n'Home will be able to start signing up April 25th.  Members of Heart'n'Home can sign up immediately.  Click here to sign up to sell.  

There are a few detalis that need to be mentioned.  Please bring your own table, blanket, seat, or whatever you might need to display your items as we will not have those things at the sale for you.  Also, like always, children are very welcome to accompany you to the sale.  The gym floor will be open for playing.  Graceland has asked that there be no shoes on the gym floor or food or drinks so have your children bring socks or have them go barefoot while playing on the gym floor.  

If you are coming to buy, consider bringing small bills so that our sellers have an easier time making change for you.

We are excited about these changes and our heart is that it helps this sale to be a great blessing to many homeschoolers.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitiate to email Meredith Paden at hnhevents@gmail.com

Pass the word along about this sale!  We look forward to seeing you there!

The decision to homeschool your children can be overwhelming! But we are here to tell you that the rewards are worth the effort. Heart'n'Home School Support Group of Southern Indiana (HnH) exists to help provide the information and the fellowship we all need to have the best home schooling experience. We're glad you're here!

What is Heart‘n’Home?

Heart‘n’Home is a Christian homeschool support group for the parents of homeschooled children. HnH provides opportunities for fellowship, field trips, mentoring, information exchange, and much more. All these activities are organized by our members and are a result of members volunteering their time, talents and energies to create opportunities for themselves and the rest of the group. 
When do Heart‘n’Home members get together?
Much of the communication between HnH members occurs online via the forum on our web page. This forum has a wealth of information and is a great place to ask questions of more experienced homeschoolers. Members can choose how they receive these e-mails.
HnH meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of the month in August, September, October, November, January, February and April. (In December we have a special time for the moms, but it is not a regular meeting.) Topics for  meetings are varied and will be posted on our calendar in advance. There will be time for fellowship after meetings. New families looking for a support group are welcome to visit one of our meetings.  Membership is required to participate in further meetings.
How do I become a member of Heart‘n’Home?
Membership requirements involve being in agreement with our Statement of Faith, Statement of Purpose and being willing to serve the group in some capacity. Registration is available online and there is a yearly membership fee of $15.  Registration for 2013-2014 membership opens May 1, 2013. 
Would you like more information about HnH? Click here to read the HnH Statement Faith and Statement of Purpose.

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