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Persistence Not Perfection

How those words comfort me!  They were found in a morning devotional that I struggled to be faithful to during the summer’s distractions.  The last paragraph of the June 23rd entry reads:

“When you walk through a day in trusting dependence on Me, My aching heart is soothed.  Gently bring your attention back to Me whenever it wanders away.  I look for persistence rather than perfection in your walk with Me.”

Isn’t that the way with homeschooling also?  Persistence pays dividends, but perfection is unattainable- sometimes it seems on a different planet than our homeschooling hemisphere.  Yet, little by little our students become perfected in God’s plan for them.  The persistent, loving investment made by a homeschooling mother pays for a lifetime and beyond.

Feel encouraged this year as you go about your planning, preparing, and teaching.  Recently I read a wonderful quote that speaks to the very path of the homeschooling mother: 

“Just that you do the right thing.  The rest doesn’t matter.  Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored…    Do what needs doing.”                                                                                                 - Marcus Aurelius

This is what we attempt every day of our homeschooling lives – to do the right thing, what needs to be done.  I believe with all my heart that God smiles on our efforts and blesses them abundantly.  Keep your head held high and persist, whatever the obstacle, whatever your energy level.  Persist!


Shelly Aljoe

CHESCO Board President



We are a group of dedicated homeschooling families in the area including Ardmore and its surrounding communities.  We typically offer a Fall Enrichment program, which lasts for eight weeks (September to November), as well as many other activities throughout the year to support our member families.  Some of these activities include: field trips, Mom's Nights Out, social activities geared towards lower elementary, middle school and high school students, elementary reading incentive program, 100 Days of School celebration, P.E., Homeschool Band, Graduation, Back to School Bash, Spring Fling, annual used book/curriculum fair, park days, water park days, high school community service group, and many more activities and programs that are coordinated and organized by our members.  A requirement for membership in CHESCO is that each member family provide one service to the group each year.  Depending on the interest level of the member family, this service requirement is easily fulfilled by organizing an activity or program through one of CHESCO's five coordinators.

Please contact us with any questions.  Board Members' addresses are listed under the "Contact" link at the top right of the home page.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions.