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Many are now eagerly awaiting the official “schedule” for next year.    The schedule will be out by the end of April, and emailed to all registered families and those that are on our information loop (eg Visitation Day, inquiries for next year).    All information will also be posted on the website as soon as it is finished.   Please know that putting together the schedule is like a huge puzzle, and we need each and every piece before we can finish it!

Registration dates are listed below, and on the website you will find a registration packet that will give you all the information you need to be ready for next year.  (NOTE:  PLEASE BE SUR E TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR’S PACKET IS LISTED, AS A FEW OF OUR FORMS ARE CHANGING SLIGHTLY).   We know that many are ready to sign up right now, and we are thrilled that you are, but we ask for your patience in finishing up the process.   We’ll keep you posted!!

When and how do we register:

  • Dates for the upcoming year are listed below
  • Materials fees are due upon receipt of invoice   --   Tuition is due by August  (Note:  Credit card payments  will be accepted – details to follow as to how this will work!)

         Registration dates for next year are:  (Watch for emails with more information!)

         Teachers for 2014/2015                                     --  Register  beginning May 6th                          Current families / 4 or more classes per child         --  Register  beginning May 13th

   New families / 4 or more classes per child           --  Register  beginning May 27th

   Current families / 3 or fewer classes per child            --  Register  beginning June 10th

   New families / 3 or fewer / social memberships   --  Register beginning June 24th 


For families that are currently registered for classes, please take a few moments and register on this site for access to the "members only" pages  (Please note that you may ONLY request membership on the website after you've become a registered member for  classes). On the sidebar, you will see "request membership" listed.  You will need to fill out some information that will be sent to the website administration (Laurel Wenson, assistant director);  you will then receive an email confirming your membership on this site.  You will then need to create a family login and password that only you will know.  The "members only" pages will include an online directory for members only, teacher pages for students who might miss a class assignment, optional family pages (you decide!), and much more.  All memberships must be approved by the site adminstrator, so it will be a totally secure environment for registered families only.  Thanks for being a part of the family!


Want to take a closer look? -- Take a "Virtual Tour" of the building that we call "home" each Tuesday. Look for the link on the left sidebar!  (NOTE:  Will be updated with new photos in the fall, but we have a few to show you the new buidling!)


   About Fireside Academy Community Co-op

NEW!!   -- Beginning in September of 2013,  Fireside will be a peanut/nut free co-op!

Our co-op classes are held on Tuesdays, September to May -- first day for 2013-2014 is Tuesday, September 17th. 

Classes for the 2013-2014 school year will meet in downtown Bethlehem at the Christ United Church of Christ, at the corner of Center St. and Market St.   Entrance will be on Center Street at the door closest to Market Street.  TEACHERS arriving for first period can use the Walnut Street entrance -- all other periods will need to use the Center St. entrance.

The Fireside Academy Community Co-op for Homeschoolers is unique, not-for-profit organization, offering support and encouragement to parents who are teaching their children at home through traditional and cyber-education methods . Fireside Academy helps foster a sense of community for homeschooling families. Our enrichment classes and extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for social interaction with others who understand a lifestyle focused on family and education. Our website and free on-line newsletter keep families informed of upcoming events and opportunities for families of Lehigh and Northampton Counties of Pennsylvania, as well as western New Jersey.









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Fireside Classes
April 22 - Tuesday

SPring Musical - "The Music Man" -- 7PM
April 25 - Friday
07:00 PM

SPring Musical - "The Music Man" -- 2PM
April 26 - Saturday

Fireside Classes
April 29 - Tuesday

Field Trip - "Music Man" at DeSales
May 2 - Friday