Membership Registration

Electronically convert your registration process

Have your membership registration online! You can take your existing documents (Statement of Faith, Registration) and convert them into online forms for  families to fill out. Families can request online membership and a notification will go to the group administrator for approval. Your homeschool website will gather and store each family’s information for you! Make each year easier by having online membership renewals as well.   Most groups that use this feature cut down their administration time in half!


  • Families register, registrations are held in queue until the membership coordinator approves; fully automated with a click of the mouse
  • Built in registration questions: name, address, email, phone....
  • Add statement of faith for seamless membership registration
  • Add additional customizable questions for the family
  • Add additional customizable questions for each child
  • Integrate PayPal or payment by check for easy payments
  • Easily convert any form to add to the registration process
  • Each family sets up their own email preferences
  • Add sections to easily tag, sort, email groups of families within your groups
  • Option to select forum categories they want to be notified about