Welcome to GCSHEA!

We're glad you stopped by!  We are a non-profit, full service  Home School Accountability Group that began in 1996.  We serve homeschoolers in the western half of South Carolina.

Please check out the services we provide by clicking on the side bar and note that all these are offered with our annual membership fee. We do not charge separately for transcripts, counseling, college scholarship applications, etc.  Every student with GCSHEA receives a high school transcript, GPA calculations, and permanent record keeping.

We do not endorse nor require any particular curriculum...our members have used traditional curriculum, unit studies, Classical Conversations, teacher developed courses, on-line classes, co-op classes, and many more.

GCSHEA is listed with the SC Department of Education as a third option accountability group.

Please click on the topics listed in the side bar to get to know us better and click on the FAQ icon at the top right of the screen for more specific information.  We are a Christian organization; however, we do not require any particular faith for membership.


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