History of TCHE

In 1993, after a year of feeling like the only homeschooler out here in "the sticks" a mom decided that there must be other like-minded people who didn't all live in NW OKC. After a call to OCHEC for guidance on beginning a support group and an organizational meeting at the Newcastle Library, Tri-City Home Educators was born!

Almost 30 families from Cole, Blanchard, Newcastle, Minco, Tuttle, Norman and SW OKC came to that first meeting with an excitement that started us off with a bang. We immediately had a newsletter, group directory, PE at the YMCA, and  a 4-H Club. We even participated in OCHEC's Capitol Day with a booth at the State Capitol.

The first two years included meetings with a variety of guest speakers including Chisholm Trails Festival coordinator and a neuro-developmentalist from The National Academy of Child Development. We also had field trips for all ages, moms' nights out and more.

During the third year the leadership was expanded to include a co-leader and activity coordinators. The added energy increased group events to include History Comes Alive, a Christmas talent exhibition, a spring science fair, and a group awards picnic for a year-end finale.

In subsequent years, some of the mainstays of our group activities have included field trips, Focus for teens, play times and parties for the younger children, Keeper's of the Home, moms' night out, dads' breakfasts, co-op classes, science classes, book sales, bowling, chess clubs, Glory 4-H Club, and our own graduation ceremony.

Through the years the leaders have changed, membership has grown and students have graduated. Our leadership has always been volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for the benefit of families who share the goal of  educating their children at home. Our original goal was simply to help families do an excellent job of fulfilling the calling God had given them to home school, without neglecting those who were home schooling for other personal reasons.

Since its birth, Tri-City Home Educators has seen three 4-H students earn County Hall of Fame and others earn scholarships to Oklahoma University, as well as, many other colleges. Our diverse group has included families that have produced graduates who have attended college, served in the military, started their own businesses, and joined the work force. We have also seen students attend missions training such as Heart of God's "boot camp" and others who have served God in missions both in this country and abroad. We even have those who have married, but had children, and are now home schooling their children with the support of Tri-City Home Educators. This is our success. This is our legacy.

Written and preserved in 2008 by Mrs. Anita Witt, TCHE founder.