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An Extraordinary Organization Has Some Extraordinary Rules

  • No one can join the Project's board without a political opposite. People as diverse as former Presidents Carter and Ford, former Senators McGovern and Goldwater, former Governor Dukakis, former Congresswoman Ferraro and current Senator McCain have served on the Project's board, supporting the efforts of the Project's students and volunteers, and ensuring balance and strict impartiality in PVS programs and services.

The Project refuses financial assistance from all organizations and special interest groups that lobby or support or oppose any candidate or issue.

  • The Project operates much like the Peace Corps -- of the over 5000 people who have come to help by working at the Project, ninety percent received no pay and those who did received only minimal salaries to cover basic living expenses.


For Jackson County Election Board Sample Ballots

For Kansas City Election Board Sample Ballot

Voting District Information. Type in your zip code, house number and street name only.  Do not include any cardinal directions or ave., st., etc.  (Find the following info using the link below.


Congressional District:
State Senate District:
State Representative District:
County Legislative District:
Metro Sub District:
City District:
School District:



Found this link that shows ALL the Jackson County Judges up for retention:


Missouri Governors & Term Dates:

Nixon 2009 -

Blunt 2005 –2009

Holden 2001 – 2005

Carnahan/Wilson 1993 - 2001

Ashcroft 1985 - 1993

Kit Bond 1981 - 1985

 Find information on Missouri Courts, Judges, Elections & Retention, Juror Info, Lesson Plans and a way to share your opinion.   There are also links to voter guides.