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Frequently Asked ?'s

Frequently Asked ?'s about LSHE and Homeschooling                

updated 1/13

Does a child need to go to Kindergarten in public school? Compulsory attendance for MO is 7-17yrs. No, your child doesn't HAVE to attend public school Kindergarten.

What is the MO State Law in respect to homeschooling? Visit the Home School Legal Defense Association's (HSLDA) summary analysis of the compulsory attendance law for Missouri. Also visit the Families for Home Education website for general homeschooling and law information. (FHE is MO's state-wide organization & uses email as their primary source of connecting w/ their members.)

What happens after I go through the online Request Membership process?  After you complete the registration process online, you need to send us payment before your membership will be approved. Once your payment is received, you will receive an email stating that you can now log onto our website using the user name & password that you created upon registering. During high volume periods, this process can take a little longer. If you have any questions, please use our email:  leessummithomeed@hotmail.com , and type "registration" in the subject line.

Do I HAVE to register online? Yes. Our group is primarily run via the internet with forum postings, website information, calendar sign-ups for field trips, and communicating through emails, with the exception of our monthly meetings. If you do not have access to email or the website, keep this in mind when joining our group. You can register online through the public library, which has free internet access.

Do I have to be a member to come to the Homeschool 411 classes or monthly meetings? No. Our 411 classes & meetings are free and open to the public. You are welcome to attend, but our field trips/opportunities are only available to our current members. 

Are your meetings for children?  Not typically, so children can get bored. Our monthly meetings are for the parents to attend to share & gain information, build friendships, and be encouraged. If you need to bring your children to the meetings, we ask that you help them be respectful of the building and the other members. Nursing babies are always welcome, of course! We would rather you come w/ children than miss our monthly meetings! :)

Does LSHE offer specific classes for instruction for our students? No, we are volunteer based and offer field trips, social activities, etc. as mentioned on our public page. LSHE does not sponsor or offer co-ops or classes as a group. Within our group, there are some families who may organize this type of opportunity on their own.

What types of field trips does LSHE offer? Our homeschool group consists of other homeschooling families who volunteer to organize our field trips, educational and social opportunities. These activities are offered as volunteers are willing to coordinate them. They are very similar to those offered in the public schools (Coterie Theatre, skating parties, nature centers, local business field trips, theme parties, etc.)

What type of curriculum should I use? That's a very personal decision based on your child's learning abilities, your teaching styles, and the goals that you have as a family in respect to home schooling. We suggest researching home school catalogs, specific curriculum sites, using website search engines, and discussing this with other home schooling families. (That's why it's so nice to be involved in a local group!)  Visit websites like www.homeschool.com  and www.homeschoolfacts.com for more info. Our "links" section will also help you in this process.

Why don't you have monthly meetings in the summer? Although we don't have to school according to public schools, many of our home school families choose to take their summers off from schooling as well. Many of our members are still committed to checking emails and answering ?'s from non-members. Our members still communicate via our forum/emails/calendar posting opportunities for our children to get together during the summer for play or educational activities.

LSHE strives to provide the most accurate information regarding the MO law respecting home schooling; however,  it is the sole responsibility of each home schooling family to understand and determine how to apply the law within their own homes.