CHET-SE Offers

Student Connections:

How Does CHET-SE Facilitate Student Connections?

  • Fellowship Fridays –weekly opportunity for family fellowship time at the park
  • P.E. – weekly program for ages 4 up through grade 12 at the park run by parent volunteer coaches
  • K-2nd Playgroup – for K-2nd graders & their families meet twice a month at alternating parks to show others the love of Jesus through learning, games, and free play
  • 3rd-5th Grade Service Club- meets twice a month to combine service projects with fun connecting time
  • K-5th Field Trips – several educational field trips around Tucson and surrounding areas are coordinated through the year
  • K-5th Holiday Parties – special holiday parties are planned for Valentine’s Day & Christmas
  • Youth (grades 6-12)- class representatives and elected officers plan activities for CHET-SE youth on a monthly basis. These activities include various parties, game nights, scavenger hunts, planned outings, and a talent show in the spring.
  • Jr. High Girls “Popcorn Club” (grades 6-8) – monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among girls ages 11-14.
  • Jr. High Boys (grades 6-8) – monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among boys ages 11-14.


Member Connections & Mentoring:

How Does CHET-SE Facilitate Member Connections?

  • New Member Mentoring – our New Member coordinator is available to help new members make connections
  • Home Education 101- 10 week course for moms new to homeschooling led by homeschool veterans
  • Mom’s Night Out - Moms meet once a month at different locations/restaurants for an evening of fun and fellowship
  • CHET-SE Dads Newsletter – a quarterly publication with articles geared to the homeschooling dad
  • Family Activities -(Picnic, Old-Fashioned Family Social, Water Day, PE Kick Off)
  • Member Care Member Care-is a ministry that gives us an opportunity to bless our fellow CHET-SE families with a meal or other assistance during a significant life event such as illness or the birth of a baby.
  • Renew & Refresh Tea –an annual half day retreat where moms are treated to a time of tea, fellowship and spiritual encouragement.


Teacher Resources & Services:

What Kind of Resources & Services Does CHET-SE Provide for Homeschooling Parents?

  • Library- a large assortment of homeschooling materials can be checked out at the park. A list of books can be found on the member portion of this website.
  • Used Curriculum & Craft Fair – CHET-SE organizes and hosts a one-day fair in June where members and non-members can sell and purchase used curriculum and other items
  • God’s World News Magazine – a CHET-SE member coordinates the distribution of GWN, a magazine that “delivers ready –made opportunites to practice critical thinking in the context of academic-real world-subjects.”
  • Grand Canyon University Alpha Program for dual credit - LINK
  • Blessing Table – informal exchange of items where members bring any yard sale-type items they would like to get rid of to the ramada at the park on Fellowship Fridays, and also take whatever they can use
  • Standardized Testing- in the spring, there is an opportunity for your children, grades 3 and up, to participate in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
  • Enchanted Learning – a CHET-SE membership includes membership to the Enchanted Learning website, giving them access to a variety of worksheets and ideas.
  • Discounts- there are businesses in Tucson that will give a discount to homeschoolers when you show your membership card


Academic Activities, Fairs & Bees:

What Kind of Academic Activities Does CHET-SE Offer/Facilitate?

  • Spelling Bee-in January CHET-SE hosts a city-wide homeschooling bee which funnels into the county, state and national Scripps competition
  • Geography Bee- A geography bee will be held in November for children in the 8th grade or younger. This bee is usually coordinated with CHET-NW.
  • Geography Fair –families present and display what they have learned about various countries
  • Youth Seminar- an annual career day held in March features dozens of guest speakers and demonstrations to give students exposure to a wide variety of career and future options.
  • Youth Community Service- students plan monthly opportunities to assist various organizations and individuals
  • Yearbook- under the guidance of a parent coordinating a team of students collects pictures from the membership and creates a yearbook and made available for purchase
  • Graduations (Kindergarten, Jr. High & Sr. High) – academic milestones of completing Kindergarten, Jr. High and Sr. High are marked with special graduation ceremonies
  • Talent Shows – an opportunity for students to share their gifts & talents