How to Become a Member

Registration Fee for 2016 -17 school year is $26.


CURRENT MEMBERS:  After the General Membership meeting, August 19, a late fee is due and membership is $31 for returning CHET-SE members.

Steps for New Member Registration


Step 1: Confirm your  eligibility  meets (AFHE) Arizona Families for Home Educations's definition of homeschooler.  CHET-SE does not advocate or oppose a parent’s choice to use public, charter, or private school, or any specific home-education curricula. However, according to our charter, CHET-SE is an organization and resource for parents of homeschoolers.  CHET-SE exists to provide support to homeschooling families.

Step 2: Read carefully our By-laws, Statement of Faith and Behavior Guidelines. You must indicate your agreement with these documents during the online registration.

Step 3: After July 1, 2016, click Request Membership on the top of the website and fill out our online membership form. No new registrations will be processed prior to July 1.

 Step 4: Send in your membership dues to the address below. Membership dues are $26 annually (with a $5 late fee for dues received after the GMM - renewing members only) and will be pro-rated after March 1 to $15.

P.O. Box 31952

Tucson, AZ 85751

Step 5: Email Christine our Treasurer, at and let her know you sent in your payment. Include your check number and the date you mailed your check so she can be watching for it and alert you if it's not received in a couple of days.

 Step 6: Receive a confirmation email once you've completed steps 1-5. This will allow you to use the private portion of this website.  

Step 7: Remember also to file an Affidavit of Intent for Home School with Pima County School Superintendent's Office. This is not required for membership in CHET-SE but is required to legally homeschool in the State of Arizona.