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This page is a quick reference to some of the discussion & events within our HSCF membership...

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  • The AHEA Convention NEXT YEAR is Friday & Saturday, April 10-11, 2015 in Red Deer. Mark your calendar, start an ongoing shopping list & save up! Volunteers always welcome.

  • Members - be sure to check the Members' Corner in the top menu to see the babysitter registry, snack schedule, how to volunteer at HSCF, etc. 

  • A new article is posted on the Ponder page. Be encouraged as you ponder what this veteran mom writes about her homeschool years.

  • Register for 2014-2015 HSCF Membership: Click on REQUEST.

  • The Young Homeschoolers' Group will be meeting again monthly at the Museum this fall!

  • HSCF meets again Monday, September 29th, 2014 at Crestwood Presbyterian Church, 7:00 p.m. Details on the Meeting Info page.


Wondering? The private HSCF pages for members include:

  • A Family Directory with linked emails
  • Google map of all HSCF members who choose to show their address
  • The Photo Gallery
  • Clickable Calendar & Field Trip information including a 'sign up' option
  • Library Database of ~700 resources
  • Classifieds (think kijiji for HSCF families)
  • Business & Services Directory for members
  • Family website pages to use as you like with photos or links, and/or to teach your children how to build web pages that relatives and friends can access.
  • And more!


smileyOur HSCF website address is www.HSCFedmonton.ca  If you'd like to browse the other 700+ group websites developed by Homeschool-Life, or learn more about creating a similar website for your group, click their link in our footer.