About Us


"HSCF seeks to facilitate building a Christian community
for homeschooling families by providing opportunities for their involvement in meetings and activities, and supporting parents in their responsibility of directing their children's education."





HSCF has been serving the Christian homeschool community in Edmonton for over 30 years. We are a parent support group, not a homeschool administration or school board. Please visit our LINKS page if you are looking for information about these.

Members come from a wide variety of church affiliations, but are united in our statement of faith, goals and philosophy based on Biblical principles and historic Christianity. Agreement with our statement of faith is therefore required for membership.

No one homeschool is like another! HSCF members each have their own reasons for deciding to homeschool, often centred around benefits to family, faith, and a focus on education.

Members each choose the style of homeschooling that best suits their family's needs and best reflects the way God is leading them to homeschool.

We invite you to join us as we fellowship, grow and encourage one another in our decision to home educate!


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