Jr. Co-op Information

What is Jr. Co-op?  Jr. Co-op is a subgroup under the “umbrella” of Pilgrim’s Progress Homeschool Group (PPHSG).  It is a Christ-centered educational experience for children in Kindergarten through 7th grade and their parents to establish Christian fellowship and community with other homeschooling families.
How does Jr. Co-op work?  Jr. Co-op meets in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  We have eight sessions in the Fall and eight sessions in the Spring which meet on Friday afternoons. Students select 2 classes to participate in between 1pm-3:10pm.  Fellowship time is included afterwards for all to enjoy.   

12 :45

Doors Open


Jr. Co-Op Begins


Class 1


Class 2


Fellowship Time


Doors Close

How may I join Jr. Co-op?  You can join Jr. Co-op online once you have joined our umbrella group Pilgrims Progress Homeschool Group (PPHSG).  The following steps will guide you through the process.
  1. Select Request Membership in the top right corner of this page
  2. Fill in required information (when you complete the online form you will be brought to a payment page)
  3. Complete your application to PPHSG by paying a membership fee of $25 per family (PayPal is prefered but checks may be mailed to the address provided on the webpage)
  4. Registation for Jr. Co-op requires an additional payment of $20 per child
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from the group administrator when your application has been approved (this may take 1-2 days)
  6. When you receive your approval notice follow the instructions listed then log onto our website using your sign in information 
  7. Click on Class Registration on the left side bar and sign your kids up for the classes that interest them *be sure to complete the last 2 steps as they are necessary for participation in Jr. Co-op
  8. From the home page click on Volunteer Positions (on the left side bar) and select Jr. Co-op option
  9. Read the descriptions and at the bottom of the page select ALL roles that interest you (you will be contacted to finalize your role)
  10. From the home page click on St. Paul Cori (located along the blue bar at the top of the page)
  11. Print out the CORI form and bring it with you to the 1st Jr. Co-op meeting (if you have had a CORI done through St. Paul's church in the last 3 years you do not need to complete this step)