Jr. Co-op Information

Would you like to add a cherry to your own flavorful sundae-of-a-life as home educator?  Jr. Co-op may be just the thing!  It’s still summer, we’re not trying to rush things, but here’s the scoop on Jr. Co-op!
What is Jr. Co-op?  Jr. Co-op is a subgroup under the “umbrella” of Pilgrim’s Progress Homeschool Group (PPHSG).  It is a Christ-centered educational experience for children in Kindergarten through 8 students and parents to establish Christian fellowship and community with other homeschooling families.
How does Jr. Co-op work?  Jr. Co-op meets at St. Paul’s Church of the Nazarene, 136 Summer Street, Duxbury, Massachusetts.  We have two terms of six sessions which meet every other Friday. Students select 2 classes to participate in between 1pm-3pm. We have a Fall and Spring term. Classes and fellowship times for parents allow moms (and dads!) to participate in the Cooperative making it a meaningful time for all.  
How may I join the Co-op?  In order to become involved in this Co-op, please attend the first Pilgrim’s Progress Homeschool Group meeting held at St. Paul’s Church on the Third Monday of August registration will begin at 7 p.m.  We will also be taking registrations at this meeting. If there are any opening following this you may join Pilgrims Progress and register for classes online. Registering your child includes completing a PPHSG membership form with payment of $25 per family; completing a Jr. Co-op form and payment of $15 per child; and signing up for classes.  Along with your child’s registration, we require that you, the parent, sign yourself up for at least one area of need and be sure that you have had a CORI done through St. Paul’s Church within the last three years. 
How may I help? Here are some ideas:
  • teach one class
  • assist in a class on a weekly basis
  • bring snack for adults
  • arrive early to help set up 
  • stay after to assist with clean-up

Once you have Registered click the Volunteer Positions link in the Upper Menu to find a place to contribute.