Getting Started

 Welcome to the adventure of homeschooling!

Whether you're investigating the idea of homeschooling, or anticipating your first steps into homeschooling, please consider the following steps to help you in your decision and/or on your journey!

  1. Pray for wisdom in all your homeschool decisions right from the start. Homeschooling is a very serious commitment and should not be taken lightly.
  2. Visit the library and check out various homeschooling books.
  3. Visit (Home School Legal Defense Association) and explore the site. Check out their NEW HOMESCHOOLER pages at
  4. Visit the Kentucky Department of Education website for Kentucky laws governing homeschooling at These are also listed on this website.
  5. Attend one of our Christian Homeshool Network meetings. Be prepared with questions!
  6. Do a web search on homeschooling to find interesting and informative articles.
  7. Check out the rest of our public website for information about the Christian Homeschooling Network and for many other homeschool links.
  8. Go to for more information on Kentucky Laws.  There is a sample Letter of Notification here on the KY LAWS & FORMS tab.