Who We Are -- What We Offer

What is Holy Family Homeschoolers?

Holy Family Homeschoolers is an organized group that provides fellowship and support for Catholic homeschooling families in the Diocese of Madison.


Who can join Holy Family Homeschoolers?

Catholic homeschooling families in the Diocese of Madison can join as members. Masses are considered public events, open to all. Audience seats at public performances and events are, of course, always open to all as well. In the interest of keeping the lines of distinction clear, e-schoolers (virtual charter schoolers) may join us for Masses, but are not eligible to participate in HFH membership activities. 


How does HFH define "Catholic homeschoolers" for purposes of group membership?

For membership purposes, we consider a family "Catholic" if they are raising their children Catholic. We consider a family "homeschooling" if they file Wisconsin form PI-1206 for one or more of their children, or if they plan to file PI-1206 when their child(ren) reach school age.


How do I join Holy Family Homeschoolers?

There are three steps to becoming an HFH member with full website access:

Step 1: "Join HFH" toward the top of the left navigation bar. Fill out the online form.

Step 2: When you reach the end of the online form and click "continue," you will be directed to fill out a second form. This second online form is a necessary part of our registration process. Membership will not be considered complete until both portions of the online registration have been completed.

Step 3: Mail your registration fee to our treasurer. Our membership fee is $30 annually, payable to Holy Family Homeschoolers. See specifics below.

Joining first semester? New members joining between August 1st and December 31st pay $30 for membership. This payment satisfies dues through July 31st of the next calendar year.

Joining second semester? New members joining between January 1st and May 31st pay a reduced rate of $15 for membership. This payment satisfies dues through July 31st of the current calendar year.

Joining in the summer? New members joining in the summer, after June 1st pay $30. This payment applies fully to the upcoming school year and satisfies dues through July 31st of the next calendar year.

Contact our membership coordinator if you have any questions about membership benefits or requirements.

Contact our webmaster if you have any questions about online registration or other questions related to making this website work for you.


What do I get in return for my annual membership dues?

Members gain access to a network of supportive Catholic homeschooling families and wonderful peers for their children. Member children can participate in our weekly enrichment activities, and HFH families have access to all kinds of interesting group events and activities. Members gain access to the private members-only portion of our web site. From the members-only pages, members can access an interactive HFH calendar, print a handbook, view and print a family directory, read and place classified ads, and much more. Most importantly, however, members benefit from the fellowship and support of a group of truly wonderful families!

Specifically, what kinds of activities does HFH offer?

We offer monthly homeschool Masses and Confessions. We have weekly academic and enrichment activities for preschoolers through high schoolers. Weekly enrichment activities include classes such as art, science lab, gym, schola (choir), drama, chess club, and Shakespearean literature. Annual events include kick-off picnic, spelling bee, geography bee, All Saints Day party, Christmas caroling, Valentine's Day party, science fair, graduation ceremony, Father-Daughter Dance, Frassati Runners, Mom's Night Out, annual cross country race, curriculum sale/swap, and much more. Other interesting past events have included International Night, Battle of the Books, Lego League, Lego Robotics camp, Little Flowers Club, and Rosary in the Park. HFH families regularly organize field trips, parties, and outings. HFH offers organized sports opportunities as well. You will never be at a loss for what to do if you are a member of HFH.

What are the legal requirements for homeschooling in Wisconsin?

Your only obligation to the State of Wisconsin is to file Form PI-1206 to the Department of Public Instruction by October 15 informing them that you are schooling your children at home. Section 118.165(1), Wis. Stats., requires that a program of at least 875 hours of instruction, which includes a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in six subject areas (reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and health), be provided each school year, and they recommend you maintain a record of this instruction. You are not required to file the form for kindergartners. To request the form, call 608-266-5761 or write to:

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Bureau for School Management Services and Federal Aids 125 S. Webster St. P.O.Box 7841 Madison, WI 53707-7841

For more information and to download a printable version click on Form PI-1206