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High School Option for 2014-2015





• Phone or Email Curriculum Counseling for 9th-12th grade including options for upper level education.

• Phone or Email Counseling for a four year High School Plan Recommendation for each High School Student. (Appointments must be made through e-mail.)

• High School Information at your fingertips with access to VBHE’s website with updated links.

• Informational Seminars held throughout the year about High School needs. (E-mails will be sent with information about these events.)

• Guidance Counselor will check Transcripts for graduation requirements/classes needed and check transcripts for required information and credit types which ensures the right GPA result.

• Students will receive a class rank according to Grade based on Cumulative GPA. This helps students qualify for scholarships! Grades MUST BE submitted by deadlines for your homeschool to receive full benefits of this service.

• Direct parents to Scholarship information and Guidance Counselor will fill out scholarships and apply for student if required.

• Professional Transcript with the VBHE official seal. This seal is recognized amongst SC 

Contact Tina Branton with HIGH SCHOOL Registration questions: 

If you have general questions regarding VBHE Registration,