Membership Renewal

Welcome to the 2017/18 Registration Renewal Page.

Please read the instructions below carefully.

As with last year you will have two ways to pay. 

1.  PayPal

2.  By check in the mail

3.  Sign the Statement of Faith - link at top left of page, in the green border above the blue navigation bar.  *This form needs to be renewed yearly.*  Thanks!

By Oct. 15th, if any of the three items above have not been completed, your account will be parked until your membership is updated.

This year, dues are $25. 

Paying By Paypal:

Please click add to cart and follow the instructions.

Agape Family Schools Full Membership ($25):

Agape Family Schools Alumni Membership ($10):

Paying by check:

Send your check for $25 payable to Agape Family Schools to the address below:

Agape Family Schools
P.O. Box 2704
Loveland CO, 80539-2704

Once payment is received we will mark your account as paid for the year.

Please contact us if you have any questions.