Homeschooling 101

Newbies to homeschool have hundreds of questions.  Can I do this?  How do I choose curricular materials?  Do I need to set up a classroom?  What about report cards?  Diplomas?  Reviews?  What is a "classical" education?  What is unschooling?  Can I do this through high school?  Can my homeschooler get in to college?  What about socialization?  
Even after twelve years of homeschooling, I still have questions!  You know, little, nagging questions that keep me up at night, like, have a really covered Geography?  Have I passed on my fear of math?  Have I ruined my kids?   Am I crazzzzzy for doing this all these years? (Please, don't answer that last one.)
Your membership in CHC will help you navigate these questions and many more.  Our friendly and informed members offer a wealth of resources.  From curricula swaps and coffee klatches to mentoring and meaningful hand-holding to a tearful parent who's just threatened to send her kids to school (it's okay....we've all been there...done that), when you join CHC, you join a group of parents brimming with homeschool information, resources, experience, and support..  Join us!
In the meantime, to get you started, check out the e-zine, Homeschooling 101, a nice primer on homeschooling from The Old School House magazine.  It will provide you with a strong, basic foundation of homeschool knowledge and point you in the direction of resources that you might want to explore further.
Stay tuned for our schedule of helpful seminars and meetings on a variety of homeschooling topics.
We're looking forward to sharing our homeschool adventures with your family!
Lisa Dean
CHC Founder and President