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Welcome to the Ozaukee County Homeschool Network Web Site!

We want to thank you for joining and tell you how excited we are to welcome you! You will find a lot of great information here. This is a forum to exchange ideas and events with other local families who are homeschooling.   Your membership will give you access to the family list, so you can find other families for connections.  

The cost is $8/year. You may pay by mailing a check to Tomi Fay Forbes, W59 N450 Hilgen Avenue, Cedarburg 53012; leaving a check or cash in an envelope in my front door mail slot, or paying by PayPal to

Please note, if you change your email address, you need to change it on our website to continue access. You may make changes by clicking "Edit my profile." 

We strongly encourage all homeschoolers in Wisconsin to join Wisconsin Parents' Association. Membership in WPA is $35 a year. You may include the $35 with your $8 Ozaukee membership fee, or send it directly to WPA. 

Membership Procedure

  1. If you want full access to the Ozaukee Homeschool website, click Request Online Membership and fill out the online application.
  2. Pay $8 as described above.
  3. Once Tomi Fay has receives both your on-line application and your money, you will receive an email notifying you that you may log in to the website.
  4. This membership is effective until September 30th, and the next year's subscription fee is due annually by September 30th of next year.

Welcome! We look forward to a great school year.